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This is a little script that you can use with Microsoft Excel (Windows only). It will remind you when to weigh yourself and log the data. Using that data, you can create charts to graph your success.

I have been using Excel to keep track of my weight every week ever since I started Weight Watchers. I have my weight line going up to my goal at the top of the chart. Psychologically, that works better for me. I don’t have a nifty little script to tell me when to log my weight, but I update it every month or so (my actual information is kept in my Weight Watchers card).

Here is a link to my Weight Log and Chart Spreadsheet. Enter the date for your first day in the yellow box and the rest of the dates should update automatically. I’ve tried to make this with a pretty broad range (100-300 pounds). This chart has enough data points for a year. If you want a new one, copy the tab and add the new date in the yellow box. I don’t know how this would work with the script, but this spreadsheet has worked really well for me.

Via: Fitness News – Log your weight over time with Excel


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  1. Bill Greiner Says:

    I came across your site looking for Palm program to simply track and log my daily calories. I like your reviews so I thank you for that. My comment about the spread sheet is this: It’s simple to use and captures just what I need. The only problem I had was it did not give me a daily total of calories only a total. If I knew more about excel templates… This is the kind of program I would like to see in a palm program. Currently I downloaded a palm program ‘eat watch’ from ‘www.fourmilab.ch\ that tracks your daily weight with a goal to reach. I like it and you may want to check it out. He also has a free PDF book called the ‘Hacker’s Diet’. Informative! Thanks Bill

  2. Cos Says:

    hey, it’s cool, but you can use myweightlogger.com for this free!

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