Saying No

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Sometimes concentrating on my health and physical fitness means I have to say no to other opportunities. Sometimes they are things that really sound fun like singing in the choir, joining a book club or watching my favorite television shows. Sometimes the things that are the least amount of fun are the hardest to say no to like participating in a service project. Sure, I’d like to feed the homeless, but I have a workout planned at that time. How do you say no without feeling guilty? This is a great article for that.

The best advice in this entry comes right at the end:

When you say no, usually the person who hears it will react negatively, sometimes mildly, sometimes strongly. Don’t let that bother you — their reaction has a lot more to do with them than it does with you. If they push you too much, I suggest you simply turn it around on them by emphasizing the no that would accompany the yes. For example, “Why are you asking me to say no to my family, my health, my goals, and so on, just so I can say yes to your request?”


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