Gym Etiquette and Efficiency

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I have to shout out an amen to this weblog entry:

There are times when I go to the gym and every machine I need for the day is filled with someone who is resting. 24 Hour Fitness has a special set of machines in a line that are supposed to be used for Circuit Training, yet I see people using them as regular machines and just sit there, staring off into space, between sets.

I like to get my weight training done quickly, just like Mary. Remember proper gym ettiquette and give someone else a go when you are resting.


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  1. Kristine Says:

    I know those circuit machines at 24hr. I got so mad one night after having to skip 4 machines (and taking about 20 extra minutes to finish what should have only taken 30 minutes originally) that I asked the staff what I should do when that occurs and was told that there was nothing that I or they could do, but they were sorry it was happening and that it happens all the time.

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