21 Days to Better Running

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This is a great article if you are a regular runner who wants to run faster or longer. They have 21 days of rest and workout for you. It is also supposed to get you in the habit of running, but anyone that can do these workouts is already a regular runner. I wouldn’t recommend these for a beginner.

I used to subscribe to Runners World and I found it very useful when I was training for my first 5K. I’ve found that my Treadmill Workout Spreadsheet is more helpful to me now, but I do find the articles and pictures motivating. It’s a good magazine that doesn’t overload you with advertisements.

Via: Fitness News – 21 Days to Better Running

Update 08-28-06: It looks like Runner’s World has pulled this article. It’s a shame because it was a kind of a good one.


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  1. Shay Barnickle Says:

    Hey, I keep trying to find the “21 Days To Better Running” training program because it really worked for me the last time I used it but it keeps saying “page not found or available”. If you could get this to me somehow I’d REALLY appreciate it…I really need to start training and every other 5K training program has me doing a crapload of “easy” days. Thanks!

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