How to Record Your Own Meditation MP3 with MusicMatch

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Update 09-02-14

I know this entry is REALLY old and MusicMatch doesn’t exist anymore, but you can use iTunes, record things on your phone or use Audacity to record your meditation MP3.

If you did the exercise on my Visualize a Different You, then you have written down positive thoughts about how you want to be in the future and how you want to visualize yourself right now. Braidwood said it like this:

“You know what I’ve been thinking about? Advertising! It is a science and it WORKS, it changes people’s minds. So, why not advertise what you want for yourself?! Create a jingle, create some enticing pictures and a slogan, and expose yourself to them often. You will be unable to resist… :)”

That’s what this entry today will show you how to do…

What you need:

  • Windows Computer: I’m sure there’s a way easier way to do this on a Mac using Garage Band. We’re concentrating on PC computers for this entry.

  • MusicMatch Software: The download is free, but the record feature does not come with this free download. You will need to pay the $20 to complete this project. There are other software alternatives (such as the Windows Sound Recorder), but most of them have a time limitation for the free demo of about 30 seconds to a minute and a half.

  • A Computer Microphone: There are many to choose from and one might have come with your computer. The least expensive I’ve seen is $10 at the local office supply store. It will be good enough for this project.

  • Your Visualization/Meditation: Write it out and have it in front of you so that you don’t have to listen to yourself say, “Ummm,” for minutes at a time on the track.


  • Download and install MusicMatch using their installation instructions. Upgrade to Jukebox Plus.

  • Load MusicMatch.

  • Plug in your computer microphone. The red (or pink) plug should go into the red (or pink) jack. They are usually labeled with a picture of a little microphone.

  • Choose the option: Copy from CD. A Recorder window will pop up.

  • Push the button that says Tools and choose Settings… A Settings window will pop up.

  • On the settings, choose the following: For Recording Format, choose MP3. Choose whatever quality you are comfortable with. The better the quality, the larger the file will be. For recording source, choose Mic In. Select Ok.

  • In the Recorder window, you can change the name of the track (i.e. Weight Loss Meditation).

  • Press Start Copy to start recording.

  • In a relaxing voice, read your visualization/meditation into the microphone.

  • When you are finished reading, press Stop Copy.

  • You now have your very own MP3 to put on your portable music player or burn onto a CD using MusicMatch.

Recording Tips:

  • Try to arrange for no interruptions while you are recording. Tell your family members that you need them to be quiet and leave you alone for the next hour or so.

  • Make sure pets and other noise makers (air conditioners, aquarium pumps, the furnace, fans, etc.) are locked in a different room or turned off.

  • Give yourself plenty of time. Don’t rush yourself. If you make a mistake, it’s okay, just start over. It’s not like you’re wasting tape by starting your recording over several times.

When you are finished, you will have your own personal meditation MP3 that will help counteract all the negative influences that you experience every day.

Good Luck!


3 Responses to “How to Record Your Own Meditation MP3 with MusicMatch”

  1. Lupo Says:

    You can do this with out buying any thing. You don’t need MusicMatch Software. Record it in a wave file and then convert it. You can record a wave using “Sound Recorder” that comes with Windows. Then you can then use any of a 100 programs to convert to a MP3 or use Media Player.

  2. Laura Moncur Says:


    Sound Recorder has a limit of 30 seconds. That’s why I didn’t suggest it. If you do want a free option, there is a program called Audacity that is supposed to be good. I haven’t tried it yet, though.

    Good Luck, Laura Moncur

  3. Anthony Says:

    yea i tried Audacity and its a great program. U can record anything you want and make a lot of changes to whatever you record. U can also import a song and edit it to your liking. I changed one of my favorite songs now it lasts like 20 min.

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