Stars Battle The Bulge Too

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Gwen StefaniIf you thought that you would feel better about your body once you were thin, you might be wrong. If you thought that you would feel better about your body if thousands of fans loved and adored you, once again, you might be wrong. According to Gunnar Peterson, a personal trainer to the stars, even his clients have body issues.

If Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz have body issues, is there no escape? The first time I heard this, I remember thinking, “What’s the point of dieting? I’m going to feel like shit about my body even if I get thin. I might as well eat whatever I want. Then I have a reason to feel inadequate.” It took me years to realize that the idea, “Then I have a reason to feel inadequate” was the whole problem.

It was like I was overeating to punish myself. I felt inadequate. Everybody does at some times. When I was overweight, I could just blame it on my weight. The big fear was that when I was thin, I would have no reason to feel inadequate and I would have nothing to blame it all on. If I didn’t get a raise at work, I couldn’t blame it on my weight. If someone pointed and laughed at me in the gym, then I couldn’t blame it on my jiggling hips. I wouldn’t have a scape goat anymore.

Once I stopped letting myself blame everything on being overweight, I was able to start clearing up those body issues. Here is the best quote from the above article:

“Those people are just people. They have two legs, two arms, a torso and a head,” Peterson said. “The body works in three plains of motion. It has a cardio pulmonary system. It has the same muscles and bones, they just happen to be on the screen.”

Once you realize that you have the same general makeup as all those stars and you have the same worries and concerns as they do, you can concentrate on the incredible and wonderful things that your body CAN do.

Via: About.com – Stars Are People Too – by Paige Waehner


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