Foodie Wants a Fat Suit

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The author of the Food Museum Blog calls herself Foodie. In the following entry, she considers what it would be like to wear a fat suit, such as the kind they use to make movie stars look fat.

The movie industry really burns me up when it comes to portraying fat people. Even the kid who played Fat Albert in the live action movie wore a fat suit. You can’t convince me that there wasn’t one black kid who was fat AND could act better than that guy. I know Gwyneth Paltrow is an Oscar winning actress, but I think there were too many furniture breaking jokes in Shallow Hal. I am intimately familiar with the morbidly obese and I have never seen a chair break under them. It’s like the movie industry takes the cheap shot every time.

I don’t wish for a day in a fat suit. I know what it feels like. I know how I would look if I were fat again. I would recognize the looks on the faces of the people who feel like they are superior to me just because they are thin. I can vividly remember being discounted again and again because of my weight. I know what it feels like to be working my butt off and still be viewed as lazy. I don’t want a fat suit.

When I was fat, the first thing that got me on the road to living healthy was loving my body so much that I wanted to keep it around for awhile. Don’t let the movie industry tell you that you are only valuable if you are thin and svelte.


3 Responses to “Foodie Wants a Fat Suit”

  1. Bill Says:

    The problem I have with this whole fat suit thing is that it always makes the person look anything but normal.

    There are a lot of average looking fat people in our society . . . and no one gives them a second thought.

    They are accepted . . . and treated as normal human beings.

    The fat suits I have seen always go to the extreme.

    They make the wearer look anything but normal.

    They do not want the wearer to fit in.

    I think that most onlookers have a six sense that something is not right with what they are seeing.

    They are made to feel uncomfortable by the sheer size of the fat suit that is made to grab our attention and make us feel uncomfortable.

    Take a thin actress . . . put her in a normal fat suit that is not so extreme and no one will notice.

    And . . . yes . . . it would help that she would be allowed to actually dress like a real person.

  2. James Rodgers IV Says:

    how do I get one of these suits. I want to look heavier than I really am!

  3. Joseph Nederveld Says:

    Personally, I think that a lot of obese people, escpecially the one in the article are just making excuses. Tons of people have not been blessed with perfect bodies but they choose to stay healthy and “excersize”. Thats all it takes. Fat people need to quit lying to themselves and start running.

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