A Younger, Slimmer, Prettier Me

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A Younger, Slimmer, Prettier Me

The full title of the webcomic is: “I hope, someday, to spend some time in a world like my own,” but it’s “A World Like My Own” for short. I don’t know what the answer to her dilemna was. She cut her hair after this.

Body image is such a nebulous thing. I’ve never had an experience like this because there never was a time in my life where I felt I was thin. I had been overweight since I was four. The rare times I had been thin, were the result of summers of starvation at the hands of my grandmother, so they don’t really represent a positive time in my life.

I think that comparing myself to a past me is just as useless as comparing myself to someone else. Past Me is a different age and has had less experiences than I have. Another person has lived a completely different life.

Self-loathing is never the path to a healthy weight. You need to love yourself so much that you are willing to treat your body with respect. Treating your body with respect is the key to getting to a healthy weight. A healthy body image will follow, don’t you worry.


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