Improving Body Image

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Just a quick link to the top search result for the words “Body Image”. This is brought to you by the Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center.

It has some good recommendations for overeaters:

  • Listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry.

  • Be realistic about the size you are likely to be based on your genetic and environmental history.

  • Exercise regularly in an enjoyable way, regardless of size.

  • Expect normal weekly and monthly changes in weight and shape.

  • Work towards self acceptance and self forgiveness- be gentle with yourself.

  • Ask for support and encouragement from friends and family when life is stressful.

  • Decide how you wish to spend your energy — pursuing the “perfect body image” or enjoying family, friends, school and, most importantly, life.

I think this advice is for anorexic and bulimics, but I found it to be good advice from the point of view of an binge eater. Check out the whole article.


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