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Game BallI just got home from the softball game. Tonight I made my first run ever. I made it to home plate, not just once, but twice. The second time, I hit a double. That was sheer luck because the opposing team had the same color t-shirts as our team. The pitcher threw the ball to our first base coach instead of his guy on first base. I don’t care. I’ll take all the luck and run with it.

We won the game. It’s also the first time we’ve won since I started playing with them. I had no idea how good it felt. I drove past Franklin Covey Field on the way home and I thought, “Why would anyone watch baseball when they can play?” I didn’t think about the scorching heat. I didn’t think about all those lost games. I was seriously high from winning. It felt as good as running a 5K, but I didn’t have to work as hard.

Apparently, the winning team gets to keep the game ball. Our team gives the ball to one of the players. I had no knowledge of this honor. When our coach threw the ball to me, I said, “I have a ball at home.” He smiled and laughed, “It’s the game ball, Laura. When we win, we get to keep the ball and we give them to one of the players.” I nearly cried. Seriously. I had to suck it in and remember Tom Hanks saying, “There’s no crying in baseball!”

Mike says that we could get a cool box to display the ball in. For now, it’s in a creme brulee ramekin. Better use for it anyway.


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