Bulimia, Diet Drugs & Stomach Stapling

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PostSecret Bulimia

This postcard showed up on PostSecret last week. I often talk about the first step toward a healthy life (Margaret Cho’s F**K It Diet, The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life, etc.), but I rarely talk about the first step toward failure. The first step that derails your mind and sends you on the road to desperation.

I call that first step, Bulimia, Diet Drugs and Stomach Stapling. It’s the mindset that says, “This isn’t working. I can’t do this on my own. I’m willing to do ANYTHING to get skinny, even if it hurts me.” I never even remember thinking the phrase, “I can’t do this on my own,” but that is the premise behind every step toward these weight loss methods. It’s a very harmful thought and it is promoted by companies everywhere trying to sell you something.

When I used to read up on the most recent medical procedures, the new diet drugs that are in the testing phases and was tempted to empty my stomach after a binge, something far more sinister was at work than just “keeping informed.” I was telling myself over and over again that I couldn’t do this on my own and that it didn’t matter if I was healthy as long as I was thin.

I AM NOT A CLOTHING SIZE!!! I am a smart, witty and enchanting person! I want to stay on this planet as long as I can, so I’m going to take precious care of my body so it doesn’t betray me early in life. I am going to exercise and provide it with healthy food. I’m going to protect it from chemicals. I’m going to protect it from scapel-happy surgeons, wanting to make a buck off the insecurities of humans. I’m going to protect it from binges and purges. I can do this!

And so can you.


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  1. hannah Says:

    hello i have a friend at school who i suspect is bulimic she has lost a considerable ammount of weight over the past months and i didn’t know why, Until i heard her throwing up in the toilets and only eating apples for lunch. She examines your body as you get changed and her boob size had dramatically decreased so her bra is baggy. She is a very active girl and loves sport, i really don’t want her muscles to waste away and for her not to be able to do the things she loves. Do you have any advice for me so i can make her come clean about her (disease).

  2. ellie forman Says:

    tell some one like a counsler or a teach that can help but you need to get her to tell you she is bulimic……..

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