Sugar-Free Energy Drinks

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Diet Red Bull I’ve talked many times about excising caffeine from my diet (see links below), so I’m sure you know where I stand on these super-caffeinated beverages. I view caffeine as a drug. Sometimes, I need caffeine, just like I need an aspirin or some allergy medicine. I don’t drink caffeine every day, so none of this huge surplus of sugar-free energy drinks appeals to me. The $3 price tag makes me shy from them even more. Do you know how many tablets of No-Doz you can buy for three bucks?!

If you want to hear someone gush about this wave of sugar-free caffeinated beverages, here is a link to Hungry Girl’s review:

My advice: wash down a No-Doz or Vivarin with your favorite soda or water. You’ll get just as much of a buzz and won’t have to gulp down drinks that are heavily flavored to hide the bitter taste of caffeine.


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