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Cyber RiderThis is the first exercise bike game controller I’ve seen that’s released by a well-known company.

Reebok has developed a fully dedicated website for the Cyber Rider, but it crashes spectacularly on Internet Explorer. Try viewing it with Mozilla Firefox to see the details.

This game controller is made to work with the PC or with Playstation 1 or 2. Considering the lime green coloring, I’m shocked that it doesn’t work with Xbox or Nintendo Gamecube right now, but according to their documentation, there should be upgrades available to let them work with the other formats in about three months or so. I know of some PS2 to Xbox converter cables that are available, but I suspect things would run better with the upgrade from Reebok.

How fast you pedal is how fast you go in the video game. You can control the other functions in the game using buttons on the handle bars. It looks like a really well-built bike that could be used by itself or as a controller for your game.

According to the owner’s manual, it looks like there is a lot of assembly required, which worries me. I’d hate to find out that the reason I can’t win any races on Project Gotham is because I put the bike together incorrectly. I guess I would figure that out pretty quickly.

If you are enjoying your spinning classes, this looks like a good alternative for home. You get to play some games, win some races and get some exercise. Now, we just need the game programmers to create a cool mountain biking game with calorie counting and workout modes.


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  1. Gadgetism.org Says:

    Reebok Cyber Rider [Source: Starling Fitness – Fitness, diet, and health weblog] quoted: I know of some PS2 to Xbox converter cables that are available, but I suspect things would run better with the upgrade from Reebok.

  2. carol Says:

    where can I purchase an instruction manual for reebok cyber rider – model RE30201

  3. Mark Says:

    Carol, I have been looking a manual for ages, let me know if you have any luck. Although I do have the cyber rider working perfectly and have also used it with a PC and Playstation, so if you wanted to know anything about it I can probably help you.

  4. Paul Says:

    Hi Mark

    I have a pdf of the 10 page cyberrider manual RE30201 if you want it – let me know how to get it to.

    A small question as you seem to be in the know – I’ve just set up my cyberrider again after a long period of dust gathering and I find when I raise and lower the load on the pedal motion it doesn’t seem to change at all – I’m assuming something is stuck. Before I take it apart I just wondered if you had any thoughts?

  5. Mark Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Yes thanks I would like the manual I am on crabbmj@hotmail.co.uk Am not sure about the problem with the load, maybe a connection issue on that plug and socket in the handlebar section, or batteries too weak, Maybe we can discuss further by email.

    Cheers Mark

  6. harry roberts Says:


    Long shot but do you still have manual for cyber rider?

    If so would appreciate a copy




    hello, does anyone have a copy of the manual for the Reebok Cyber Rider Fitness bike please? Have just purchased one without manual…also, should it have a mains adaptor or does the power come from plugging it in to pc? thanks

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