Plus-Sized Yoga

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When I work out with Maya, some yoga poses she gives me are difficult for me to perform. It doesn’t help matters that Maya is a perfect computer generated woman who never trips or loses her balance. Here’s a story about a yoga instructor that I could actually warm up to:

Every day, I ride past a yoga studio. In the evenings, the parking lot is packed. I wonder if the classes have something more than exercise videos. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel comfortable enough to go into that studio.


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  1. Sinistar Says:

    I’ll have to dig it out, but my wife bought us a beginner’s yoga DVD some time ago that featured two concurrent workouts – the standard yoga poses for those more flexible and modified yoga poses for less flexible and/or larger folks. The vid simply had two women representing the groups exercising simultaneously.

    It was done pretty well, but the workout itself, even unmodified, was extremely easy and got boring very quickly.

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