Dealing with Comfort Foods

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Do you think of food as a comfort, a reward, or the main event of a celebration or vacation? You’re not alone, if this thread at Ask Metafilter is any indication:

The responses to the question include the obvious diet fads that always have their proponents (don’t drink soda! Low carb! Count calories! Whole fruits!) but there are also some good suggestions for different ways to reward yourself. A couple of the suggestions I liked best:

  1. Use a small quantities of really good or really expensive food as a reward.
  2. Put the cost of each food you manage to avoid eating in a savings account (or a box) and spend it on non-food rewards.

The whole thread is worth a read, if only to realize that so many people have dealt with the same problem.


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  1. Merrelley Gillie Says:

    I have been the same weight since 1994. I count FAT GRAMS, don’t eat any meat and am a vegetarian. I drink lots of soy and eat only brown bread and no high fat cheese. I eat lots of salad and drink lots of orange juice. I am about a size 6. I can tell you more about fat or about what I eat if you want to know. Yhank you. Merrelley

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