Take Your Dog for a Walk

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It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Get a dog, and you’ll be forced to exercise at least twice a day. You will have a running partner who is always willing to go with you. You will have a foolproof reason to get your butt out the door. You’ll even feel a little safer with the dog with you.

Yeah… it didn’t quite work out like that for me…



NEDA Bracelet

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NEDA BraceletEating Disorders are a hot topic again. This one confuses me, though. The National Eating Disorders Association wants you to join their ranks. Buy this bracelet and make your voice heard, is what they urge. Does that mean they want me to develop an eating disorder? Does buying the bracelet mean that I have an unhealthy relationship with food and I’m admitting it to the world?

I’ll freely admit that I have an unhealthy relationship with food. Controlling my bingeing has been the greatest struggle I’ve had through this entire journey. Do I want a bracelet that reminds me of that? Is it supposed to remind me to eat healthy? Is it supposed to identify me to others so they know to make sure they don’t get in the way between me and food the same way you would avoid getting between a mother bear and her cub?

It seems like every cause has some sort of jewelry attached to it. I know it’s just a way to make money to support the cause, but I just have a problem with this one. Is it the “Admitting You Have a Problem” step? Am I somehow not quite where I need to be in the recovery process? I just don’t know what to think about this…


DDR Group Workout

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It looks like Konami is thinking about marketing a DDR program that is meant for a group of up to eight people and to be used in a health club.

This sounds like a great idea. I’ve tried to sponsor workouts on Xbox Live and the four person limitation has impeded things at times. I wonder how it will be implemented in the United States…

Peanuts and Proper Portions

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Peanuts A serving of peanuts is one ounce (28 grams). That’s a small amount of peanuts. It’s the amount that most people gobble in one bite. In that one ounce, there are 170 calories, 14 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein. One serving of chicken, on the other hand, is a huge 100 grams. For that amount of chicken, you consume 190 calories, 7.5 grams of fat and 28 grams of protein. You get a lot more bang for your buck with chicken than peanuts. Why would you choose nuts?

Well, peanuts are vegetarian. They are incredibly portable. Peanuts have vitamins that you just can’t find in chicken because they are plant matter. Chicken breasts are inconvenient to carry around for quick protein fixes, whereas one ounce of nuts fits in your pocket. That’s why nuts still exist.

From an evolutionary point of view, it makes perfect sense. You don’t have to risk your life to eat nuts (unless you are allergic to them). You don’t need to kill a huge beast. You don’t need to kill the chicken that lays eggs. You just pick them when they are ripe. You can bring a month’s supply of protein in a small bag with you if you need to migrate. Nuts are the perfect protein for cavemen.

We’re not cavemen anymore, though. Peanuts are now being hailed as the new health food. I agree. They are a perfectly healthy food in the proper portions. You just need to make sure you keep your serving of peanuts at one ounce.


The No Equipment Travel Workout

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Travel WorkoutAbout.com has a great workout that requires no equipment. Just print it out and put it in your suitcase on your next trip.

For the Pike Shoulder Pushup, the pictures shows an exercise ball, but if you read the directions, you can perform this move with a stool or on a step. The following moves are extremely hard if you’re a beginner: Staggered Pushups, Pike Shoulder Pushup, and Triceps Dips. These moves use your body as the weight. If you are overweight or if your muscles are new to strength training, these exercises can be challenging.

Other than that, this looks like a great strength training workout for your hotel room stay. Remember it next time you are trapped at a hotel without a gym or stuck at home unable to get to a gym.


Urban Mountain Biking

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If you’re lucky enough to be living in Washington D.C.; Austin, TX; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; or New York City, NY, then here is a great series of articles for you revealing the best urban trails in those few cities.

The irony of these articles is that the locals know the good trails. We talk to each other and trade information about the best rides we’ve had recently. These articles are best for people who are visiting the highlighted cities. If you are trying to decide whether to strap the bikes on the back of the car, this series will give you a good description of the trails they have to offer.

If you’re thinking about coming to Salt Lake City, Utah, email me and I’ll tell you the best trails to ride here. We’ve got some great ones within five minutes of downtown. I’ll let you in on the secret; Moab isn’t the only great mountain biking in Utah.

Via: SportsGeezer


Change your Life, Change your Weight

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I was reading “9 Steps to Effective Dieting” on eDiets. Just like all the articles that have a number in the title, there is a list of good ideas and advice. Step number two, however, was different than the normal “Eat Less, Move More” philosophy.

  • Realize everything is connected! Jonny believes there is a solid connection between your weight and the rest of your life. Taking off those extra pounds is not as simple as eating less food. One of Jonny’s mottos is: “Change your life, change your weight.”

I have instinctively known this for a while, but to have it said to me so clearly was kind of a smack in the face. For me, there is a definitive connection between my weight and how I feel. If I let the rest of my life get out of order, my weight starts to creep up. If I am consciously working at making my life better, my body reflects that.

It is said that we wear our grief. That is true on many levels. When I don’t deal with my emotions, food is the only narcotic that works to hide from them. It’s part of the reason that I write in my journal. It’s part of the reason that I write for this weblog. The only way to keep my emotions in check is to constantly confront them every day. There is no room for hiding because I want to live a healthy life.

Via: Really Useful Fitness Blog


Following the Rules

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Flaxseed OilBack when they introduced the Core Plan, Weight Watchers added the recommendation that we eat two teaspoons of healthy oil every day. There are even boxes to check off on the Quicktrack form. I keep my journal on my Palm, so there are no healthy oil boxes for me to check on it, but I make sure I get them in every day. I’m a rule follower, so I’m following the rules.



How I Got an ‘A’ in Weight Loss

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Lynne Logan AfterIs that the best title for an article about weight loss or what? Prevention’s success stories are one of the best reasons to buy their magazine.

She chronicles her story of knowing absolutely nothing about health, nutrition and fitness to hitting the books and finally finishing with her at her goal weight. I love to read stories like this because it inspires me to keep going just like she did.

Lynne’s Good Advice:

  • Burn more calories than you eat.
  • Protien will make you feel fuller and more satisfied.
  • Sugary sodas are high in calories. Limit them to cut your intake.
  • After you’ve lost some weight, you may plateau. Kick it up by increasing your exercise or adding strength training.



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I struggle with planning. I know that planning what I’m going to eat is the most effective way to prevent overeating, yet I still resist it. I don’t mind having options. If I have a list of healthy meals that I can make with ingredients that are in the house that all have similar calorie and fat content, I’m happy. That’s about as far into planning as I have been able to muster.

I guess some people love planning. They love to get menus and set the course for their week. I’ve never really met a person that really loves to plan out their food and snacks for a week or month ahead. I see those menus in the magazines and sometimes Weight Watchers gives us a one month menu planner, but I just carefully file them away in the folder in the hopes that one day I’ll get on board with this planning stuff.


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