Torrid: Cool Clothes for Plus-Sized Teens

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Torrid Plus-SizesThis article from Boing Boing brings up so many bad memories for me.

It talks about Torrid, which is a plus-sized store from the Hot Topic people. Cool clothes for plus-sized kids. Growing up a plus-sized teen was hard. There are some stores to this day that I won’t even walk into because they were so pretentious. Even though I can wear their clothes now, I boycott them.

Knowing that Hot Topic has set up these Torrid stores makes me so happy. It almost eases the pain that I felt back then. There were times when I had a purse full of money and nothing to buy that was cool or fit. I could buy cool clothes that didn’t fit or I could buy old lady clothes that did fit. Neither choice worked for me. I remember holding back my tears while my skinny cheerleader friend found outfit after outfit of cute, cool clothes.

There is a curmudgeon in the back of my mind that says, “Doesn’t having options like this promote unhealthy weight? Shouldn’t we only release cool clothes in small sizes as an incentive to overweight people to get healthy?”


Getting to a healthy weight doesn’t happen easily. I didn’t get to a healthy weight when stores told me I was not welcome. It wasn’t the exclusiveness that attracted me to lose weight. I didn’t lose it for the clothes. In fact, I still shun those stores that treated me like a second class citizen when I was fat. I lost weight for me. I lost weight to be healthy. I lost it so that I would live a few years longer on this planet.

I was only able to get to that point in the journey when I believed that I was worth it. I deserve a healthy body. I deserve to live longer. I deserve to look good. Having stores exclude me didn’t help in that process, they hindered me. That’s why I’m so glad that Torrid exists.


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  1. Julia Williams Says:

    So right on! I am the mother of an overweight twentysomething who adores this store. I have so many bad memories of taking her shopping at store after store before she discovered Torrid. You understand.

  2. lil2big Says:

    thank u b/c i over wieght and i hate going to a store and only seeing 0 1 7 5 then the wont have my size then my mom takes me shopping and she gets mad bc i dont like her style no its cuz in fat and i would look nasty on my but at torrid the clthes look good on me and makes me feel good cuz they hae my size and lots of it bye lil2big w size 18 and proud of it

  3. Nicole - Funky Kids Clothes Says:

    I agree – a really great store for my plus size daughter – she adores their gear.

  4. ~Queenie~ Says:

    “BigMenClothes” is right when pointing out that the prices are ridiculous for overweight ppl. There aren’t nearly enough stores and a huge market (excuse the pun =P) that retailers are just not tapping into. This overpriced bigatry isn’t just focused at overwieght folks either- maternity clothes are way overpriced and hell to find. Espesialy for something your going to wear very few times in your life. Whoa- kinda got off topic there. =D

  5. gaby Says:

    hi, thanks for some great information

    gaby xx

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