French Food and Obesity

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We’ve been innudated with books about the French way of eating. These books claim that French women don’t get fat. They say that the French have an innovative way to eat that allows them to enjoy bread, cheese, chocolate and wine.

I really haven’t known what to say about these diets. I’ve found the way to lose weight and enjoy bread, cheese, chocolate and wine. Don’t eat so much. Do these books really have anything to offer me besides eating smaller portions?

Not according to the authors of four French Food bloggers:

Read this very informative interview with lots of “trucs” (tricks) to keep you slim. Try it out.


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  1. Braidwood Says:

    That roundtable discussion was great! They take so many of their healthy eating habits for granted. I want to add their way of eating for pleasure into my life. Eating only the best treat is a really good way not to eat a lot of sweets while feeling rewarded instead of deprived- smart!

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