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iPod ShuffleThe market is filled with tiny MP3 players that you can just wrap around your arm and take with you on a run or to the gym. Microsoft has an article that seems to be in response to the iPod Shuffle, but the points they bring up are valid.

They do a good job of explaining why the flash memory players are better than the hard drive players (such as the iPod). They fail to tell you that flash players are good because they are so much smaller than hard drive players. They recommend players that have a display, which I agree with. I really wish Apple had included a small, one-line scrolling LCD display on the side of the Shuffle. But then again, the Shuffle looks so cool.

I personally use my Palm OS device with the MP3 player software that came with it. The songs are stored on an SD card and I can have hours of music at my fingertips. Not everyone is willing to trick out their Palm just so they can listen to tunes, so this guide may be of service to you.

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