Who Is To Blame?

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I keep hearing the phrase, “Who is to blame for obesity?” Whether it’s childhood obesity, American obesity or just obesity in general, the same thought is being thrown around: Who is to blame? This article tackles that issue:

“The truth is, we are all to blame for the society in which we live, and the finger-pointing and point-scoring has to stop. This childhood obesity problem is bigger than any political party or supermarket or manufacturer, and much bigger than food advertising on TV.”

More importantly, IT DOESN’T MATTER. It doesn’t matter which industry or institution is the cause of obesity. The longer we argue about who is to blame, the less time we have to fix the problem. Who cares if it’s television or video games or high calorie snack foods or shoddy school lunch programs or inattentive parents or… The list goes on a mile long. The most important thing with both adult and childhood obesity is that we stop it. The only people who can stop it are each and every one of us.

You… Yeah, you… Next time you think about skipping your workout or eating something that is not scheduled for your meal plan, STOP. Make sure you get your workout in. Make sure you stop that binge in its tracks. The only way to make the world a healthier place is to take personal responsibility for yourself. You are the only person on this planet that you can truly control.


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  1. CHU Says:

    need more information but true.

  2. Kendta Says:

    I DONT BLAME THE FAST-FOOD PLACES.I BELIEVE ITS ALIL OF EVERYONES FAULT.As a 14 year old in the year 2008 eating is the most important part of the day for most but that doesnt mean anything.I mean come on even if you do go to mcdonalds or wendys or taco bell doesnt mean you’ll be fat u just dont have to have the most fatting thing on the menu.get a salad or a small porton.Dont Be greedy just enough to “fill you up without slowing you down”I’m a chumby girl and i still dont go out and eat like a pig.Because your table manners relate to you eating so if you act greedy look greedy.In conclusion dont blame it on the parents or the kids or even the fast-food place.Blame it on your common sense because if you know it’s bad for you but u still want it then cut it in quarters and eat it now and eat the rest later.

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