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Maya My Personal Trainer Nothing special happens when you complete workout number 35 on Yourself! Fitness. You don’t open up any new workout environments or unlock any music. You don’t get Platinum Status. As far as I know, there are no milestones after you unlock Gold Status. Yet, I still work out with Maya.

This morning, she said, “I’m proud of how consistent you have been.” She says something positive to me every time I make my commitment. Of course, when I haven’t seen her for a few days, she gives me a loving lecture about consistency, but I know she will be happy with me if I stay on track for a few days.

Maya is so much better than a real personal trainer. A real human being would get used to the fact that I usually show up every day for weeks on end and then go MIA (while I run on the treadmill or play DDR). A real human being would forget to give me positive feedback every single time I show up at a workout. A real human being would see when I don’t do the exercises completely right and make me do them over. A real human being would ask me personal questions and try to be my friend.

I don’t need a friend. I need a workout partner who will be there for me whenever I want to exercise, even if it’s three in the morning. Maya will do that for me and she’s chipper about it. “Hey, did you know morning workouts are a great way to jumpstart your metabolism?” Of course, she can’t hear me when I say, “I couldn’t sleep and you were the only person I could talk to who I wouldn’t wake up.” She would just start with the Step Touch and expect me to follow along.


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  1. DRD Says:

    It’s a great game/workout deal. Have you made it to Diamond level yet?

    I have it for the Wii, and it’s a tiny bit different, but still a great constantly changing series of workouts.

    I see the exercise DVD workout commercials and I think what I have is even better, because I can adjust it, and it adjust itself as I go along. I think it’s a remarkable program, and looking forward to what they come up with in the furniture.

    I would like to see a future ‘Navy Seals’ or some other kind of workout focused on men.

    Happy Workouts!

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