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Pump It Up Game & Dance Pad I just found out that there are two PC versions of the arcade game, Pump It Up. They are available through Red Octane’s website, but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else.

Anyone who has read this site knows that I’m obsessed with Dance Dance Revolution. This game variation from Andamiro Entertainment uses the corners and the middle as steps instead of the traditional up-down-left-right. I’ve seen this game at the arcades, but I’m so used to playing DDR that I was reluctant to plunk down a buck just to try it out. I was scared my feet wouldn’t work.

I’m going to get this for myself as a weight loss reward. It helps to set goals, meet them and have really cool things to reward myself with. I’m so excited!


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  1. Sinistar Says:

    I have PIU Exceed for the PS2, which I play with my Flux pad (since it supports the center panel). It’s… different. I haven’t played it a ton, but I would definitely say that the game is, on the whole, more difficult than DDR.

  2. Synaesthesia Says:

    It is far beyond anything that DDR offers, but that’s not very hard to do, since the best DDR can offer is PSMO. PIU singles mode is not as difficult as ITG (even Dignity, LIADZ2, etc are not as hard as any 13 in ITG), but Nightmare (doubles) from PIU is the clear victor. PIU’s timing is far less strict but requires a great deal more movement even for technical players like me who know how to minimize movement and actually get Fantastics (Perfects in DDR/PIU).

  3. Julian Says:

    Pump it up is the best game ever. Ive been looking for a home version of ZERO. but im stuck with exceed.

  4. Lizard Says:

    I love DDR, and have all 4 Ultramix’s for XBOX. But I’ve played them all so much I couldn’t stand to dance DDR anymore! Then I saw Pump it Up! in a couple arcades. The first time I played, I wuz stepping in DDR arrow spots… Then I played again about a year later and passed! Now I can play so well I can get high scores and enter my name in the listings. When I found they had Pump it Up! Exceed for XBOX and found a website selling it for 20$, I bought it right away and have been dancing ever since! Julian, I so agree with you that Zero should come out for home. Can’t wait till it does!

  5. alex Says:

    both of you are right they do need to make zero on home but for now all we got is exceed

  6. Guillermo Argentina Says:

    I live in Argentina, I want a Pump it up, but here there isn’t for the pc!.. What can I do=?.. Reply at my e-mail.. Thenks!

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