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OREOStarting in 2006, the FDA is requiring food companies to provide trans-fatty acids on the nutritional facts. Because of this, the food companies are scrambling to make their food healthier. Rather than truly admit how much hydrogenated oil is between those dark and chocolately Oreo cookies, they are working on a new formula to reduce the fat.

Of course, this is going to change the taste of Oreos. Instead of the choice between regular, Double Stuf and generic brands trying to copy their style, there will be a new addition to the group: Trans-Fat Free. That doesn’t mean calorie free. It doesn’t even mean fat free. All it means is that it has a slightly less chance of giving you heart disease and clogging up your brain.

On the whole, I’m happy about it. Even if the trans-fat free version goes the way of New Coke, at least I’ll know how much trans-fat is in the Double-Stuf version. It’s the knowledge that is empowering. I can’t wait for 2006. For now, I’m checking my labels for hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oil.


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  1. BigChaz Says:

    Help! What is the difference between hydrogenated oil and partially hydrogenated oil. In the lit the two terms seem to be used in the same way. Surely there must be a difference.

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