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Prevention Magazine has an article in this month’s issue called “Find the Right Gym for You.” On page three of this article, they address my biggest issue: “I find the gym intimidating.” Do you want to know their solution to my problem?

They suggest going to a women-only club. Yeah… you know… having men look at my butt while I’m exercising isn’t what’s intimidating. It’s the inconsiderate women who point and laugh and draw the attention of their friends that intimidate me. Going to a gym where only women are allowed only increases the risk of that happening.

Way to go, Prevention Magazine… You’ve really got your fingers on the pulse of the gym-fearing nation there…


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  1. Karen Says:

    About women-only-gyms… I have been going to Curves for Women (circuit training with hydraulic machines) for about a year and I really enjoy it. I hadn’t gone to the gym or the pool to exercise since my youngest son was born 12 years ago. Curves was an easy way for me to get back into the routine of working out. The staff are friendly and very supportive. As for results, I have lost inches and toned up. I figure if I can go 3x consistently I will see improved results. But, for me, it’s not about losing x pounds, it’s about improving my physical and mental health.I read your post about the Bosu incident, I haven’t encountered anything like that where I go. The staff and the women are very supportive.

  2. Karen Says:

    Oops, I didn’t mean to bold in my comment, I meant to put in a break.

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