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Respondesign, the company that makes Yourself! Fitness, has announced that they are releasing a Playstation 2 version of the game/workout program in February of 2005. It is currently available for Xbox and PC computers.

The Yourself! Fitness website has an introduction video and several example workouts for you to exercise with. They are small on your screen, but they give a good idea of what a workout with Maya is like with a couple small exceptions. The workout with Maya on the website is missing the Workout Meter Line, which warns you when new exercises are coming. I find this to be really helpful in the game, so I’m surprised it’s missing in the free previews. Here’s a good example of what the Workout Meter looks like at the bottom of the screen:

Workout Meter

Notice how the Workout Meter warns you that you’re going to be using the step right after the rest. Additionally, you can’t stop the preview workout to use a tutorial and learn the exercise or make it easier or harder. The free preview isn’t exactly as good as the real thing, but it gives you a good idea of what a workout with her is like.


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