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My friend is doing a cleanse. She’s blogging about it and I want to link to her.

Yes, Please! Cleanse – Day One

I personally don’t believe in starving yourself of food, but hers is more of a really restrictive healthy food diet with a couple of days of liquid fasting and colonics. I’m watching her progress with a morbid fascination. I’ve never been able to do a cleansing. It sounds so good for me, though. Cleanse is such a enticing word. It makes me want to raise my hand and say, “Yes, I want to be clean, too!” The truth of the matter, however is that fasting makes me irritable. The second I tell myself I can’t have anything, I want it even more. “Laura, you can’t eat spinach for two weeks!” Two minutes later, “Hmm, a fresh spinach salad sounds good.”

I think that’s why Weight Watchers has been such a good thing for me. I can eat anything on the plan, I just need to log it and plan for it. What seems like a burden to most people (journaling every bite you eat) represents freedom to me (being able to eat anything).

As far as the health benefits (or detriments) of cleansing, please refer to the following article from Quackwatch: Colonics, Laxatives, and More.


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