How To Quit Soda

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I quit drinking soda cold turkey on January 26th. It has almost been two months since I started and I thought I would give you folks some pointers on how to become carbonation and caffeine free.

Decide why you are doing this.

Firstly, decide why you’re doing this. Do you want to get off caffeine? Is it the carbonation? Is it just the sugar? If it’s just the caffeine, then there are tons of alternatives. The same is true for people who want to limit the carbonation or cut their sugar intake. Whatever your reasons for restricting these items are up to you, but it helps to know what your goals are.

Find appropriate substitutes.

Secondly, choose substitutes. If caffeine is the item you want to limit, you can choose other sodas such as Sprite and Root Beer. If sugar is the problem, you can choose from a wide variety of diet sodas. If carbonation is what you’re trying to avoid, there are tons of flavored waters and juices to choose from. When I was quitting, I was avoiding all of the above and I wanted to limit my intake of artificial sweeteners, so I just stuck with water and herbal tea.

Be prepared by giving yourself extra time for sleep.

The next step is preparation. If you are going off caffeine, you’re going to have caffeine withdrawals and you won’t have much to turn to. I had headaches for four days in a row and no pain reliever that I took relieved any pain. What you are going to need is time. Expect to be a little under the weather for a week. Treat it like a flu or a cold. When you are tired, sleep. Give yourself permission to sleep twelve hours if you need it. You’ve been hopped up on sugar and caffeine for so long that your body is going to need to remember what it’s like to be awake naturally.

Stock up on remedies and substitutes.

One thing that helped me was a rice bed buddy. I bought this one at a craft mall, but you can make one yourself. I’ve also seen them sold at Walgreen’s drug stores made into various shapes like booties, eye masks and shoulder covers. Mine is a simple piece of fabric sewn into a rectangle. Inside it is dry rice: simple. I just put it into the microwave for two minutes, wrap a towel around it (it will be very hot when it comes out) and lie down with it over my face. It smells a little like rice and it’s warm on my aching head and temples. It helped me go to sleep when I had the caffeine withdrawal headaches.

Listen to your cravings.

The next step is to listen to your cravings. I found myself craving pop when I was thirsty. I didn’t realize I was thirsty, I just thought that I wanted a Diet Coke. I drank about a gallon of water a day the first week. I don’t know if I had been dehydrated and my body was catching up on the water it needed or if I just used the water as a crutch to get past that first week. Either way, listen to your body.

Be patient with yourself.

Finally, remember that this too will pass. Some have reported caffeine withdrawals for weeks, others are able to get past the worst of it in a few days. No matter how long it takes for you, remember, there is an end to it. There must be some reason you decided to go off pop in the first place, concentrate on those benefits and know that the negative effects will wear off. Be patient with yourself.

How to Quit Soda Quicklist
1. Decide why you are doing this.
2. Find appropriate substitutes.
3. Be prepared by giving yourself extra time for sleep.
4. Stock up on remedies and substitutes.
5. Listen to your cravings.
6. Be patient with yourself.

Remember, this advice is never more useful than the advice of your doctor. Please contact your doctor if you plan on doing anything drastic with yourself. I haven’t noticed any drastic effects of being off caffeine, carbonation and artificial sweeteners except that water is far less expensive than Diet Coke. Good Luck!


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  1. Sarah H Says:

    I decided today that I would like to start trying to get off the caffeen. I have been drinking 1-2 Cokes every day for about 8 years now and it’s just something I don’t want to be craving all the time. This was the first thing I came across in my search and it reaffirmed much of which I figured would be the case. Thank you for the heads up.

  2. Stephanie W. Says:

    I decided to quit soda cold turkey a couple days ago. I can’t beleive how hard it actually is. I have the worst headache’s in the world, but my body keeps craving the soda. I have found myself drinking more water. Ever since i’ve quit, my body feels dehydrated, which i’m sure it is. Thanks for the heads up on what is to come.

  3. Samantha Says:

    Yeah I’ve been off sodas and coffee for about a week and a half. I’ve quit before but never cold turkey. It’s completely horrible!!! I fall asleep driving in the morning, I’m burning up hot, and I go through a ton of water!!!! I mean- I am drinking all the time. I can’t remember stuff as well either. Whoo. Who knew caffeine had this kind of effect on people.

  4. Dawn Says:

    I have put on the pounds in the gut I drink 1-2 pepsis a aday if not more. I tried for 2 days a the headaches came majorly. I have to try again because of my gut I have inerited via this hard to resist taste. its not he sugar its the taste I love about it. Wish me luck. I was able to quit smoking 3 yrs ago hopefully I can do this.

  5. Rachel Says:

    Well I drink about 86 oz a day of Diet Coke. A lot. Some days more. I had surgery about 6 months ago. I naturally didnt want pop. Oh Lordy. I had a headache for 4 days throwing up, Nothing took away the pain. I even got re-admitted to the hospital because the Doctors thought it was from my surgery. Then light bulb. I asked for tea, and 2 sodas, drank those and 30 min later my headache was GONE, No nausea etc. I have got to get off of this stuff. I dont think I can do it cold turkey. Is there any other suggestions to wean off of it.

  6. Pha Says:

    I consider myself fairly good at quitting things. I’ve quit smoking after 5 years and I’ve also quit eating McDonalds after 20 some years. The best way to quit something is cold turkey. I know, it’s really difficult. I like to think of it as a promise to myself. I promised myself that I would never smoke another cigarrette, so how can I let myself down? You have to realize that your life will change forever once you quit something. Things will never be the same, and you will never ever stop craving that thing. Many of my friends smoke and eat at McDonalds, and I’ve had thousands of chances to break my promise, but I never have. As time goes on, things get easier, the cravings come less frequently and they leave faster. Make sure you understand that they are only temporary. Also, be aware of who is around you. The people around you will try to get you to break your promise, but they can’t get into your head. Only you have the power over yourself. So no matter how many difficult situations they put you in, just remember that you simply are not going to do that thing anymore. As time goes on, you will learn to be proud of your accomplishment. One month, 6 months, 2 years. Soon you will forget marking the time and it will just be a part of your life. Talk to someone who is diabetic. Ask them about drinking soda. Listen to what they say. They usually say, I just can’t drink soda, plain and simple. That should be your attitude. I just won’t do it. I’m not going to wish you good luck, because luck has nothing to do with quitting things. Just decide for yourself and do it!

  7. Jason Says:

    I found a way to help not have as bad withdrawal. Drink as much soda as you want the day before you’re going to quit, then starting the next morning go cold turkey.

  8. Georgia Says:

    I have Diabetes Type II, I love my diet soda but these last few months my body is really not doing well, so here I am looking for a way to give up the last of the last, my diet dr. pepper, so I have taken a week now and split half diet dr pepper with diet root beer. Checked my sugar still to high, so this next monday I go cold turkey on my pop. I really do believe it will feel like the flu but being a diabetic, what do I have to really lose, alot…..I can go into a COMA OR CHANGE MY HEALTH HABITS…….I CHOOSE HEALTH!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

  9. Araina Says:

    I drink 2 to 3 Diet Dr. Pepper everyday. I drive to the local quickie store to buy it, because if I have it in the house I drink it constantly. I know it is bad for me, because if it can destroy a penny and other things, what is it doing to my insides? I lost weight the last time I quit for a week. I know it’s Diet, but it really does make you gain weight. This is a serious addiction. There is a reason why the ingredients are not available and it’s not because it’s a secret?! I will quit!!!! Thank you for all your comments and support.

  10. Thomas Says:

    Well I am trying to quit Dr. Pepper my favorite drink ever. I have been drinking atleast a 2 liter a day now for years. I have noticed my waist starting to spread so I have to do this, thanks so much for your input on quiting.

  11. Doug Copeland Says:

    If I taper down 20 ounces per day, I do not get the withdrawal headaches. I drink the same hours in the day that I usually do. Like from 8AM to 5PM but do 20 ounces per day less. Some may need to taper down by 10 ounces per day. When I get the urge, I brush my teeth, drink water, exercise or just get busy. (this will work for tobacco also. Three days and the drug addiction is gone, but still have to fight the tobacco habit).

  12. Casey Says:

    My parents have raised me on cokes since I was about 2. Since then I have been drinking between 2-3 liters of Cola a day. I have attempted quiting before, I went for a week then I snapped and beat up my younger brothers, then my mother pretty much forced a coke down my throat. Well that was two years ago and I have gotten down to about a liter and a half a day. I have started again, but instead of just going completly cold turkey I drink a cup of coffee every morning and drink juices throughout the rest of the day. It has been four days and I havent killed my roommates so I guess I might be able to break the addiction to colas.

  13. Luca Says:

    Well I JUST quit drinking pop 4 days ago and this post was VERY helpful!!! I had NO idea why I’ve been so tired and drained….its the lack of caffine. I went cold turkey! I’m doing fairly well and haven’t had a craving….took a few aspirin to help with the headache the first day and went to the accupuncturist the second and he treated me for the craving – it REALLY helped. I haven’t craved one pop at all….my only “symtom” is I’m just wiped out at the moment…I burn the candle at to many ends….drank 2-3 pops a day (always LOTS of ice with a little pop) but apparently enough to keep me going. I’m healthy in all aspects of my life…this was one that needed to go…although I don’t have the craving…I still want a Dr. Pepper….but 5 days now….then 6 and before I know it I won’t want any – anymore! I met a doctor who told me all the horribles about pop….and have tried before – but the words he shared….motivated me that moment. I’m off to drink another bottle of water 🙂

    Best wishes to all of you quitting pop too! I can only imagine how difficult it must be for those with more serious adictions….

  14. Kimberly Says:

    Hi, I’m on my second day of just water. No diet sodas, I’ve got a terrible headache and was vomiting earlier. I finally broke down and had a sip of soda, which eased my headache, but its still there dispite the Motrin. I really don’t think I can take this headache for four days like some of the others have written. I didn’t even think that I took in that much caffine. I’m not a coffee drinker, just some soda. Anyway, I hope I will remember what it took to get off caffine if I ever decide to start drinking soda again. Good luck to everyone!

  15. John Says:

    Gees! I really feel like I have no hope after reading all these comments. I drink between 3 to 4, two liters of diet coke… for almost the past 10 years. I’m 32 btw. I was actually dx’ed with MS 6 years ago. I sometimes wonder if it’s actually aspartame poisoning. I have tried to quit several times but have never been able to due to the side effects ( i was getting migraines) I have made it a couple of times for two weeks but than would relapse… I NEED HELP:)

  16. clare Says:

    First day of giving up the much loved brown fizzy liquid that I drink with every meal…DIET COKE….I feel so irritable..finding my lovely husband terribly annoying, feeling really tired and depressed/anxious/unsettled. Have just emptied a full bottle of diet coke down drain as it was calling to me from the fridge!!! I found this very difficult to do 2 litres wasted!!! I know it is not good for me and since I googled it yesterday was unaware of the serious side effects of drinking the volume that I do every day. I just hope and pray that I can persevere with the withdrawal symptoms that I am now expecting but know that I am no longer alone in my addiction. Thanks for allowing me to comment.

  17. clare Says:

    day 4/5 have been going through HELL!!! developed symptoms of a severe cold/flu…palpitations wanting to eat lots of anything….really difficult…as I type this I would just love a can of Diet coke…have to keep going…its not going to be easy…so tired lethargic and feeling anxious. Not going to give in.

  18. Connie Says:

    I have quit cokes cold turkey March 18th, I know this has not been very many days, but I don’t crave them this time. I usually drink 3 32 oz diet vanilla cokes a day. I made a commitment to quit to honor my grand daughter who has pancreatitis. The first few days I thought of cola I thought of her, so it has been easy, I have been extremely tired, I guess it is the withdrawel.

    I have been drinking juice and teas with no sugar or a little, I feel like I need to stop this also and mostly drink water.

  19. Linda Says:

    I am having a very hard time giving up my pepsi.son calls it my “gin”.I have gaines weight.I have his wedding in 5 months and want to look good in a gown..please help me get the strength and determination to do this…thanks

  20. Ken Says:

    I’m at day 20 without soda now. Before, I was drinking upwards of 8 12 oz cans of soda a day, once one was done I’d grab another one.

    I also hardly ever drank water because soda was all I thought I needed. I made a decision 20 days ago that I would give it up, so far so good. The headaches weren’t too awfully bad, it’s just the taste that I miss.

    I almost gave up yesterday, but instead I treated myself to a juice. I’m trying to drink nothing but water, but that’s damn near impossible.

    Luckily I have someone who is cheering me on through this ordeal, which is what everyone needs. Find someone who will hold your hand and get you through the cravings. It can be done.

    Good luck everyone.

  21. Steph Says:

    I inadvertently went cold turkey off Diet Pepsi 4 days ago. The first day was fine… so, I thought I should just stop drinking the stuff all together. I get so bloated and I know it’s the soda. (I quit years ago and lost 20 lbs in two weeks – water weight I’m sure). I also get this wierd prickly feeling all over my skin. It’s wierd. Maybe a toxic build up?

    The second day was ok. I was starting to feel a bit queasy.

    Third day: I thought my head was going to explode. Dang it.. it snuck up on me. Every other time I’ve attemped this the headache started right away. I spend all yesterday either asleep or in the shower with the lights off or throwing up.

    My husband went to the store and bought me a regular Pepsi. The migraine (mostly) went away in about an hour.


    Hopefully, tomorrow will go better when I stop having regular pepsi. I’m not so attracted to the stuff (seems way to sweet) as I am to Diet Pepsi.

    Wish me luck

  22. Paul Says:

    I’ve been off soda for over 3 weeks now. I had headaches at first but the desire never stops.I have lost 6 pounds but I have not energy at all. I’m very irritible and going through a down period psychologically. I didin’t realize how good Coke my me feel.

  23. Travis Says:

    I was having the headaches too…try a cup of coffee in the morning and a cup at nite…..lemonaide became my subsititute

  24. Bonnie Says:

    I have fought obesity all my life and it didn’t help that I was raised on Dr. Peppers. I will quit for a while and then start back. I come to work with a 32 oz. or 44 oz. drink every day and then when I am out on the road somewhere, I have at least a can with me. I constantly drink. I like Propel but like my drinks more. Have recently had increased health problems. Non-insulion diabetic, two stomach surgeries, liver problem, blood clots. One thing after another. I am 51 and weight 259 lbs. and need to do something so I can see my grandchildren grown. I have done it once before and after a few weeks, the weight started coming off. To those trying to quit, you can do it and I must start soon.

  25. janet Says:

    I was drinking 2-4 cups of coffee a day and 4-8 Dt MTn Dews. I was BUZZING. I have to have a heart test tomorrow and have to be caffeine free for 24 hours. I have had withdrawals before so I started weening last week. 3 days ago I had 1 cup of coffee and 1 Mt Dew. Yesterday I had none, the headache was so bad that I took 1 sip of Coke and immediatly felt better.I did however sleep most of yesterday, and that is unlike me. Today I have had none and tomorrow is the test. I have come this far and I really think that I am going to go all the way! I think that a soda every now and then will be ok.. but I don’t want to be dependant on this again. my head still hurts a little, and I know that it will go away… but I actuallu feel a little better today. Slowly weening has been better than cold turkey. Even decaf coffee has some caffeine in it… I welcome any ideas, and good luck to you who want this for yourself!

  26. Bradley Says:

    I read all the responses, and waited. I wanted to find out as much as I could before I decided to quit. I was drinking four to five cans of Mellow Yellow PER DAY. I knew it couldn’t be good for my body, and I’ve had a history with headaches since I was a kid, so I knew that withdrawl would come quick and hard.

    If there’s any advice I can give anybody on quitting caffeine (from someone who was definitely addicted), cold turkey is the way to go. It hurts, HURTS! But without your body being shocked back into the lack of caffeine, it won’t be able to heal on it’s own. Your body will remember.

    I quit seven days ago, and my withdrawl lasted about four days. It was intense, and the headaches came on strong, and I felt ornary and aggrivated at everyone, and I had the shakes, and I had no energy. But after four days, it was gone.

    Four days, guys! As compared to living with this addiction, or taking several weeks to get off of it. I did take Excedrin Migraine during the those four days, and it does have caffeine in it, but it doesn’t take away all the symptoms. Most of that, you’ll have to tough out for three to five days. I’m still working through it a little!

    But you guys can do it! Just believe and you will receive!

  27. Meg Says:

    I decided tonight to go off of Diet Coke cold turkey. Lately I’ve been drinking 7-8 cans a day (at least), and I’m pretty sure it’s going to kill me if I don’t stop. I’m only 19, and I just lost 40~ lbs. this past year from dieting. I do martial arts, so losing a few extra pounds and eating right would probably help my stamina a lot. Plus, this stuff is really addictive! I’ve tried (and failed) to quit many times before. Sooo… I’ve decided it’s just time to do it. If I could beat binge eating, I can beat this.

    Oh, a suggestion for people trying to kick soda but find regular water blah: try the Crystal Light on-the-go drink mix pouches. They’re really not half so bad for you. I’m not sure if they use aspartame or not, though, so you might want to check that first.

  28. jen Says:

    It has been 1 month since i had a drink of soda.It all started when A friend of mine was telling me how she was going to go on a water diet for a month. I thought what a good idea and we could support each other.I started out with removing all the soda in my house. on day 2 I opened my kitchen cabinet and there was a big bottle of soda I missed. My daughter asked for a dring so i poured the soda in a glass. I stood my ground and fought the urges. Last weekend i went shopping with some friends when we left the store everyone bought a can soda.i did hold the unopened soda can to my mouth and everyone laughed. obviously I still have cravings but they are coming less and i am getting stronger!! I have a 17 year old son who has a problem with marijuanna.He is in an out patient rehab i’m going to give up soda completely and pray my son will give up his addiction too.

  29. Jon Says:

    Thanks for the article and encouraging posts. I’m on day 2 sans soda. It has been brutal. Terrible headache all night last night. Dreamed the devil was attacking my head. I wondered around the office today and kept forgetting where I was going. It was crazy. I am exhausted. Glad to know I’m not alone. Thanks.

  30. Danny Goodtimes Says:

    A study just came out about how diet soda is bad for you too, so this is probably about the 10th time I’ve actually tried kicking my soda habit. Everywhere I go I am surrounded by it. School and work both have vending machines stocked with 20 oz bottles (once its open I have to finish all 2.5 servings). I can’t get a quick meal without having to choose the one non-soda option amongst a full assortment of Coke and Pepsi products.

    When I quit I my appetite is insatiable and I usually gain weight. I’ve started to use No-Doz to curb my caffiene withdrawl symptoms… well since then I am not actually going through withdrawl. Soda just seems to quench my thirst better, makes me feel kinda full, and the sugar rush is also addictive.

    This go around I am going to make a better plan: a No-doz with breakfast, stock up on Gatorade and juice, a light beer with dinner, and a half nodoz when I start craving more soda. I dont really care if my calorie intake doesnt really change much. Its going to be one battle at a time and just kicking my coke habit is at the top of the list.

  31. Terri Says:

    Hi my name is Terri i’m 20,after reading that article it inspired me,about 2-3 weeks ago i quit drinking pop for a week,and was going through withdrawl head aches,and getting sick like the flue i figured it was flu since i had my brothers cold but i guess must of bin from the pop not being in my system,im getting married next year we want to start having kids so im looking at quiting,your email has inspired me alot,ive bin wanting to loose weight in my stomach for years,but after drinking pop for so many years it’s hard to i only weigh 120,i use to accutally be 95-98 pounds,i’d like to get down to 110 though,but thank you for having thsi article up and hearing about the symptoms now i know what to expect,i wanted to thank you for inspiring me to getmyself healthy

  32. Lee Says:

    Wow, I thought I was alone in this. My problem is drinking Coke and Vault at my work. Fountain drinks are free, and I just go and get one whenever I feel thirsty. I don’t know how to stop. I’m thinking of trying it cold turkey. But not there yet. I just can’t decide. I know the different health problems I have, I would benefit from if I stopped drinking cokes. And I know I should but the temptation is so great, that I can’t stop it. I will give it my best shot tomorrow.

  33. Sandi Says:

    I stopped drinking Pepsi about 2 weeks ago. The headaches weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be. I think it is because I decided to drink only water. I have read that one should drink half their body weight in water each day. So if one weighs 150 lbs. they would drink 75oz. of water each day. The past few days a new side effect showed up…I am always tired and have no energy to do anything. My body must really be in “the depths of dispear” since it no longer gets Pepsi as its main source of fluid. I am hoping this passes soon. Maybe in a few days I will feel better.

  34. Quinn Says:

    I keep reading the words “cold turkey” in regard to quitting and I gather it’s a euphemism for quitting “in one shot.” What I’ve found that helps (and I should know, I’ve quit diet pop six times!) with getting over the withdrawal period is emptying out a can of your favorite pop and filling it with water and drinking that instead. For me, it wasn’t so much the caffeine or the carbonation I craved so much as having the can in my hand. Drinking water out of the can helped me psychologically.

  35. Bryan B. Says:

    Hello to all and hopefully your quitting efforts are going great. I gave up my love for the can around three years ago in June. I made a vow to quit pop one night and from the next day on I wouldn’t abuse it like I had in the past. I weighed around 242 lbs and within 3 months had dropped 15 pounds (I drank around 8 cans of Coke daily). I admit the first couple of days sucks major ass. After a week had passed, my body and mind didn’t crave the only thing that would ever quinch my thirst. I started to really feel better about myself after those three months and started exercising 20 minutes 3 times per week. I am now down to 208, have a clear complexion (yes i looked like a 12 year old going through puberty until I quit), pop is very hard on some peoples faces. I now love how water feels going down my gullet. I now have control over myself a lot better and will enjoy a coke at dinner time about once per month or every other month. Pop is fine when drank in moderation, I just was abusing the hell out of it. My advice: Get a water bottle and keep it with you at all times for the first little while. When you think about that tasty can, drink some water.

  36. Calbee Says:

    Hello all, I just quit again for the second time, I hope this time it sticks… I drank about a 2 liter of Coke a day for the last 15 years or so, first thing in the morning and right before bed, anytime I could. I’m on day 6 now and my head feels better but I have terrible gas, I keep belching and my stomach feels like crap… Hope I didn’t do too much damage.

  37. judi Says:

    I hear all of you. I just stop drinking soda 2 days ago and going thru hell. its me hard. the tirdeness and not wanting to do anything. I would have 12 ounce coke about 1:00pm and the another 32 ounce later and then another 12 ounce about 10:00pm. I miss the cokes and pepsi so bad, been nervous and yelling at my roommate, walking around jumpy and just off blance. the tirdness is the worse just want to sleep all the time. Can someone help me cause going out to my skin here. thanks

  38. Rod Says:

    I decided to quit drinking pop cold turkey at the beginning of october. In my house I have a pop machine and that was literally all I drank. It wasn’t really hard. I had headaches and that crap but I knocked it out by drinking a lot of water and alot of unsweetened tea. I already feel the affects: I’ve lost weight and I am in a better overall mood. So t those who are trying to commit to it, its definitely worth it.

  39. Matt Says:

    I’ve been drinking anywhere from 1 to 12 cans of Pepsi a day. I’m severely addicted to it. As soon as the case I have is gone, I’m quitting. I want to lose weight and I don’t want to get diabetes later in life.

    Health for the win!

  40. Jim Says:

    I have probably quit and relapsed back into drinking soda at least 6 times since 1994. What usually happens is that I realize (or a female friend or partner notices)that I’m getting a gut. This always seems to be accompanies by sedentary living coupled with drinking 4-6 Mountain Dews a day. Also, while drinking this much soda, I can barely stay awake from around 2-5 PM each day, which is from the sugar and carbohydrate crash. I’m irritable, depressed, sleepy, unless I have a soda, which temporarily relieves the feeling, but the long-term ill effects on my health and well-being are not worth it–AND I KNOW IT. Thus, it sends me into a shame spiral. I see and feel myself getting progressively more unhealthy, yet I feel powerless against the causes. SO, I then usually join a gym AND quit soda simultaneously. My withdrawal headache usually lasts a full day, and I spend a good part of it lying in bed after taking an Alka-Seltzer and putting a cold wash cloth on my face. It really does feel as though your skull is going to explode, or that your skull is trying to force its’ way out of your skin with all its might. I also drink lots of water, and it is really hard on your body at first, because it flushes your system. Sometimes, my skin will become blotchy, and have gas, sweats, chills, body odor, which is all attributed to my body attempting to force out the toxins from every possible exit point it can, including the pores. It’s a trial-by-fire, but if your body is experiencing any of these symptoms, you should try and look at it like I do: If whatever you are quitting had such a hold on your mind and body that it would cause such awful suffering upon its absence, then it simply can’t be natural and/or good for you in the long run. If you can’t quit it for good and keep relapsing, that’s even more proof that it isn’t natural.

    And I’m among the thousands of people that have quit several times and relapsed as well. Upon this writing, I am attempting to quit cold turkey once again. I am 31 years old and have been making an effort to not drink soda with meals, avoid fast food, and eat more fruits and vegetables. I also live on a very modest income as a property inspector and musician with no health insurance. It’s time to face facts and get (and stay) as healthy as I possibly can.

    If I have any advice it is that cold turkey is the way to go. Alka Seltzer tablets, water, rest, and a cold wash cloth are your best friends.

    Also, just think about the calories. 6 cans of Dew a day equals, what, about 1,080 calories. Um, that’s HALF OF YOUR DAILY CALORIC INTAKE, especially if you are a sedentary person. The most basic way to lose weight is to decrease your calories and increase your physical activity.

    Hope this helps. Thank god tomorrow is a Saturday, because I’m expecting one hell of a headache. I hope it passes quickly and I can hold out this time. No, scratch that. I WILL hold out this time.

  41. Colleen Mulligan Says:

    After seeing a picture of myself taken this past summer at my mom’s it sent me into a huge reality check. I had noticed that my day was spent around when my next Coke fix would be. If I was going home from work, I would think if I had pop at home. At night, did I have pop for the next morning? If I was visiting someone for the weekend, would they have Coke, should I take some? It was taking over my life. I don’t like diet pops at all the taste is awful. I really appreciated the others stories about what they did, it helped me a lot.

    So after looking at that picture and looking at my “habit” I decided to stop cold turkey. I talked with my husband about it and convinced him to get off of his Diet Pepsi.

    I first started by drinking green tea to help get some caffine. And when the headaches started I took 1 excedrin at a time. I was really surprised, I did not have the killer headaches some people had described above. I did have a dull headache for 9 days though. I tried not to drink too much green tea to help get me get off the caffine kick. I am caffine and sugar free. The sad thing is I have not lost one pound! I haven’t changed my eating habits either.

    I think about Coke often and wish I had one to drink…. I really miss it. I miss the taste, the clink of ice in a glass, the sound the can makes when you open it.

    I have replaced my Coke with water. No juices or other sugar ladened items. Just water, a glass of milk at dinner and maybe a hot chocolate now and again through the week.

    My husband replaced Diet Pepsi with coffee but he is still hooked on the caffine.

    I haven’t even had one glass of Coke in the past 14 days. It is too early to try a can. I feel better about myself for doing this and that I can visit someone and not take my addiciton with me. I am hoping the weight will come off. One thing at a time! Good Luck.

  42. Jeri Says:

    I am so glad I have found this website. Today is day 1 for me, so I appreciate all of the advice !

  43. Toni Says:

    I have quit soda numerous times only to fall victim to my own desires over and over again. i have weaned. I have gone cold turkey, and i have gone substitution for a week to break my urges for that particular soda, then stop that all together. I am a Mountain Dew addict. other than jolt or higher caffeinated drinks like vault/energy drinks. MTDEW has the highest caffeine for all of the other off the shelf sodas.

    Today is my 12th day. I have lost 6 pounds. The headaches are always horrible when i go without caffeine. I am prone to migraines to begin with and NEED caffeine to dialate the blood vessels. On the other hand. I am not supposed to have it, because it can leave lumps in breast tissue. Excedrin did help with the headaches.. but MOST people don’t understand that excedrin has caffeine in it. Thats why when i get a headache everything else over the counter wont work for me. but it is true. Anyways.. Soda kept me tired, running to the bathroom, bloated and i usually crashed in the afternoon- feeling like i hadn’t slept for days. On other days i could stay up all night and not feel a thing. I was drinking anywhere from 3-8 probably more 12 oz cans a day.

  44. Toni Says:

    I did want to add that my appetite was out of control for about 2 days. i endulged it. i had double cheeseburgers and snapple. It eased a little of the pain- i am not saying cheeseburgers are healthy by any means… but when you quit regular non diet soda, you will get the caffeine headaches compounded with carb withdrawal headaches. With how bad my headaches are i cant chance getting both. of course, i am on to better choices and have an occasional cup of coffee in the morning. My reason for quitting number one is caloric intake reduction. secondly is the price/habit. and thirdly is the caffeine, actually this and the second one is about equal. I will enjoy SOME coffee but not a ton. Also beware a lot of hot teas have caffeine in it too.

  45. Amanda Says:

    I’ve been a Coke drinker for many years now. My typical morning regiment throughout college and into my adult life has been a coke in the morning like most folks would have coffee, a coke to carry with me and then usually 1 or more at night. Recently I was on a 4-5 can a day habit, not counting fountain drinks when I went out to eat. Honestly, kicking the can isn’t as bad for me as the fountain. I LOVE fountain sodas. Here I am thought on day 3 of no soda. Caffiene headaches? Strangely, not a one. But I ramped down my soda/caffeine addiction over the course of about two weeks. I went from that enormous amount to 1 soda a day just before I quit and that helped a LOT.

  46. Jason Says:

    I just turned 22. I work as a programmer so I sit around almost all day everyday except for weekends. After work, I usually just want to rest because I am very mentally drained. However it doesn’t keep me from wanting to stay up until 2,3 am in the morning. I wake up and am so tired that the first thing I do is head towards the fridge for a soda.

    During the work day, I’ll take ginko and ginsing but then I’ll usually have about 3-4 sodas and often I drink 1-2 or more energy drinks a day. I do not eat barely anything and I am usually pretty active on weekends but I can’t seem to drop any weight at all.

    Anyway, but I know that my problem is that I have a horrible schedule and I make up for it by taking in large amounts of fake energy. So in short, break one bad habit (not sleeping) and the other will be much easier.

  47. Yolanda Says:

    I drink about 3 2-liters of diet coke everyday. I weigh about 275 and will be having lapband surgery on Wednesday (in 2 days). You can not have carbonated drinks with a lap band. So here goes…I need to quit the diet coke. I can’t believe how addicting it is…I tried to quit about 4 months ago and couldn’t do it. Now I’ve got to do it cold turkey. I appreciate all the advice on handling the caffiene withdrawal. I definitely need to go out and get some exederin.

  48. mark Says:

    I drink 4-5 44oz dr peppers a day…im fat,tired,and irratable.. i cant seem to stop.dr pepper is worse than crack..and im an addict!

  49. Kim Says:

    I tried quitting cold turkery last year, was doing really good until i got my truck stuck in a ditch. laughs by the time we pushed it out i decided to get a Dr Pepper saying ‘one wouldnt hurt’ then poof on ’em again. now i’m trying to quit yet again. was 115 pounds 5 years ago, before of dp i’ve gained weight and now i’m 160 pounds. gonna come check on this site reguarly and hopefully re reading ya’ll’s posts will help

  50. James Says:

    Thats so true when you get off soda pop don’t even pick up one. I quit for a year then I thought one won’t hurt then weeks later I had another then it went down hill from there. Just like drugs your body remembers the caffine and wants it again. Also I lost a ton of weight when i quit.

  51. Harlow Says:

    I’ve gone on this site a few times – I actually have it bookmarked. I’ve tried probably five or six times to stop drinking pop. Aaah, Pepsi…Nectar of the Gods.

    Lots of reasons to quit and you all know them just as much as I do – weight gain, the damage it does to the body, the cost, but my main reason right now – I feel pathetic that a stupid drink has such control over my life.

    This is my one addiction, my biggest problem, and I really feel if I can get over this, then any future issues will be easier to manage. Because this one is truly the hardest for me.

    I’m pretty good with the going cold turkey, but when the going gets tough and life gets in the way of my good intentions, I quickly turn back – always with shame, but not enough to keep me from the pop.

    I have two kids, and I just think I’m teaching them such a bad habit, and I’m truly embarrassed that I can’t stop. It’s just incredibly disrespectful to myself to treat my body this way.

    Wish me luck – I’m going to get some Advil and water.

  52. Mark Says:

    Ugh, my wife and I talked about me quiting yesterday. I didn’t really think that it would be that hard, until my sister-in-law sent me this post. So it is 4 p.m. and by now I usually had at least one in the morning and sometimes one in the afternoon. I don’t know if the headache is real or if I subconsciously gave it to myself. Well wish me luck and oh, btw, is there a support hotline for quiting Dr. Pepper?

  53. Jewel Says:

    Tomorrow I am quitting Mt.Dew. I drink around 4 or 5 daily. I have put about 25 to 30 pounds of weight on in the last 3yrs. My BMI is over what I should be and I feel bloated and my skin doesn’t look that great. I need to do this for several reasons. Most important is better health! Wish me luck because I am sure I am going to have some really tough withdrawls! Congrat’s to all of you for quitting!!!!!

  54. Nadia Says:

    As I’m writting this I have a headache (still) and I am getting hot flushes. And really tired. This is my 6th day on a detox diet eating just fruit, and drinking fruit juice and decaf coffee and Tab. I thought the withdrawals would be over by now! Oh well, I must be nearly through it all!

    Thanks for this site and good luck to every one.

  55. Amanda Says:

    Today is the day i am quiting drinkin soda and others that contain caffine and sugar because i am puttin on weight and its tough on my heart and i have been gettin head aches drinkin all the sugar and caffine i have decided. to subsuitute. with water and vegatables and been chewing alot of gum to get my mind off of it.

  56. Zoey Says:

    I give up soda for Lent every year. This year it seemed like I lost over 10 pounds, all in my gut area! I’ve never been able to sleep so well, have so much energy, and not have that caffeine-induced up and down feeling. Well after Easter, I had to have my soda again! Bad idea. It’s only a month later and I’ve put all the weight back on, if not more! Without soda, I’m irritable and tired. I can’t eat dinner without it. But now I’m feeling heavy again, sweating alot, and I hate those caffeine high feelings, followed by a big crash! Not to mention it has a terrible affect on my acid reflux condition. I haven’t had problems with acid reflux in 1 year, and I haven’t even had to take medicine for it. But quitting soda and starting to drink it again has bought the acid reflux back worse than ever. So I’ve been thinking about quitting again. I can’t say I’d ever quit for good. Like someone else here said, I don’t really crave the caffeine, or the sugar, it’s the “cola” taste that I love. I even eat cola flavored gummy worms, bottle caps, and popsicles. I don’t know what to do, but I think I have to quit again. Summer is here and I’m feeling fat and bloated all because of the soda again! I’m glad to have found this forum, because it so accurately addresses what you go through when you quit cold turkey. When I quit before Lent, I went through real withdrawl, with nausea and terrible headaches. And I never get headaches! So I’m going to quit again. The best thing to do is drink lots of water, natural fruit juices (sugar and additive free), as well as eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. I also found that once I cleansed my system like this, I didn’t even want to eat junk food anymore, no more craving chips or doughnuts! Enough of my carrying on. 🙂 Wish me luck, and good luck to the rest of you!

  57. Heather Says:

    I’ve been trying to quit off and on for years. I’m a very health conscious person, but just can’t seem to kick this terrible habbit. I don’t get headaches to bad, or naseua, but whenever I quit I find myself feeling incredibly sad. It seems like nothing in the world can make me happy, and all I want to do is cry. I am normally a happy person, but as soon as I stop drinking diet coke I’m floored by depression. Once I made it through quiting, and was off diet coke for a few months but my energy level was extremely-low the entire time. I do find it is easiest to quit during the summer time, and I think that I am going to try to do more mood-boosting activites to get me through it this time around (yoga, staying active and outdoors, sleeping and more sleeping).

    Also, a friend of mine that tried to quite smoking was prescribed a small dose of anti-anxiety medication by her doctor for about a week to help her through it. I wonder if something like that might be helpful for quiting diet coke addiction?

  58. mason h Says:

    i drink about 8-16 pops a week and i need to quit im scared of geting diabletes so i hope this turn out well and i need to try to lower it to like 4 pops a week or something its just too addicting i just cant quit

  59. Dusty Says:

    I drank about 4 sodas a day when I first quit. I went cold turkey. It wasn’t easy and I felt drained all the time. The headaches was the worse but eventually it calmed down. This lasted for about a week or so. Then I was off of them for about 2 years. I’ve gone cold turkey 2 times already, this is going to be the third time I do it and hopefully the last. Trust me when I say that if I can do it, anyone can. Don’t be afraid of the pain. It will eventually go away and you’ll feel a ton better.

    Just remember when you get off of them to stay off. It is easy to fall into old habits. Good luck to us all =)

  60. Sheryl Says:

    I congratulate and applaud those of you who are trying to quit cold turkey. It is very hard and I know all too well. This site is great. I thought I was the only one that had a hard time quitting.

    I am almost embarrassed to tell how many sodas that I drank a day. My day began with a Coca Cola, then once I got to work another, then around 10:00 another, a can at lunch was a must have, one around 3:00 and then one for the rest of the day at work. I would get home another and then one after the other until I went to bed. At least 10 cans a day.

    2 years ago, I quit drinking the soda and lost 45 pounds in 7 months and I mean it just dropped off week by week. I was getting so scared that I started to drink the soda again and lo and behold, I gained back the 45 pounds plus, because I am so addicted to the stuff. I can’t even take a sip.

    I tried so many times to quit and I always ended up back in the same boat with a soda in my hand. I had severe headaches and felt so bad that I needed to have that can of soda. I come to the conclusion that I must have an addictive personality and that one and only coca cola sends me spiraling down the wrong road. I displayed the symptoms of an alcoholic without the alcohol, just the soda.

    I have tried cold turkey and I got so sick that I could not even function and I wonder why I kept on drinking the stuff. There is nothing good about it, the weight gain, the bloating and dehydration to just name a few. I was so sick and finally found that I had a severe overgrowth of yeast. I could not go alot of places, because perfume bothered me, smoke bothered me, I had severe chemical sensitivities that I could not even use them to clean, and if I went anywhere that had any type of mold, I had severe reactions. I could not even finish a sentence, my mind was just lost. I developed allergy after allergy and had severe sinus problems. So please, listen to me and my story and quit now. Do yourself a big favor. Soda brought me nothing but severe health issues.

    This time I successfully quit, the first day, I drank my morning soda and then I told myself that I could have another soda, if and only if, I drank the largest bottle of water that I could find on my way to work. I just kept rotating the soda and water for a few days and found that I did not have the massive headaches and the flu like feeling. I then substituted the soda with lemon water and rotated between the lemon water and regular water.

    I see an accupuncturist and she told me that the lemon in the water helps to rid your body of the toxins from your liver without alot of side effects. To my amazement, she was absolutely right. I no longer had the cravings. All my health issues have disappeared.

    The point I am driving home is to quit drinking soda. If quitting cold turkey is for you, then you must do what is best for you. Weaning myself was the best for me since I drank so much soda.

    Moral of the story do what is best for you. Good Luck and thanks for sharing!

  61. tori Says:

    I soooo badly want to quit my soda habit. I do drink water and teas also but Mt. Dew, regular or diet is my favorite “poison”. I smoked a pack and a half of cigarettes every day for about 10 years and was able to quit that cold turkey. That was ALOT easier than this.Maybe if they would ban sodas in public places like they have done with cigarettes. I need some support,please!!!!

  62. JoVa Says:

    wow, this article was written in 2004, got first comment in 2006 and we’re in 2008 still with the same problems — quitting these soda craziness … today, soda is cheaper than water and much more addictive than before … so hard to quit, so easy to reach for one and too delicious to forget — sugar ?? how abt the sodium in one can ??? ..nothing tastes as good as thin feels …

  63. Casey Says:

    I made a decision last night that i was quitting soda .. along with quiting some rec. drug use.. I’m scared by mid week the headaches and other withdrawls symptoms will be too hard to handle.. the adivice on this site is very helpfull and then benefit of all of this quitting is going to be WEIGHT LOSS!!!!

  64. Jack Says:

    Wow! I hear you all with regards to quitting caffeine and sugar! I am too used to driking one or two cans of soda a day plus fruit juice and chocolate and candy. I am tired to death of sugar and soda and want to quit badly. The only problem is I work a stressful office job as a legal secretary and I need that energy buzz to get me through the day. I have tried to wean off it and have reduced the habit to one soda day plus an occasional piece of chocolate. That plus an inactive lifestyle is wearing me down. I am tired all the time and drink green tea every day to counter it, but it’s still not enough energy. I am going to try to quit all soda and candy for good and join a gym. I am afraid that I won’t be able to hack it after seeing all these comments, but I still want to try. I also want to cut out my beer drinking as I have a small beer gut. I am tired of being tired and want to feel normal again, which shouldn’t be all that hard for a man like me in his thirties.

  65. Tanna Says:

    Hey all, Its been three weeks since i quit soda cold turkey. There was one time when we (me and my bf) went out and he orderd a large drink like we always do to share and it was so familiar that i didn’t even realize it till we had shared nearly the whole 52 0z and as soon as i did i was like woah what the hell i was tricked lol so ya i didn’t have a single sip after that and since then. Moral of the story watch out. dont let familiar activities jump out at you unexpectedly to soon. sooner or later it will be second nature to just not drink it without thinking but if you let your guard down too soon your body will just go through the motions and trick you. so like others have said, keep listening to your body but don’t ALWAYS give it what it wants 🙂 Good Luck to everyone and i hope you wish the same for me. 🙂

  66. Tanna Says:

    Oh ya! I meant to tell you all that i am thirsty ALL the time, but i have been reaching for water almost everytime, and for lunch at work instead of the employee free drink i have a v8 splash

  67. Linds Says:

    Prior to two years ago, I rarely ever drank pop, but once I started, I wanted one every day. The afternoon work slump hits and I’m dying for a pop. I quit for a month a little while ago, and slowly have been starting back up again. Starting today I’m quitting pop again. I’m not a big fan of water, but don’t really want the calories or aspartame effects of any substitute, so I think I’m just going to quit straight up. I’m definitely going to miss my Cherry Cokes!

  68. James Says:

    I am going through the withdrawals right this moment! All I can say is I don’t want to imagine what heroin addicts go through when they have withdrawals. I just started a raw foods 21 day detox diet and I think the caffeine cravings are worse than any of the junk food cravings. Deep down I know that all I need to do, to make this migraine go away, is to have some caffeine; but I will NOT let the addiction get the best of me!

    I am going to try the lemon water thing, does anyone have any other suggestions?

    Good luck to anyone quitting cold turkey like me.

  69. Wanda Says:

    This was great to read and to see that I’m not the only one with this problem. Sheryl of July 3, 2008, your comments described me almost to a T! I’ve been struggling with giving up this caffiene and pop for a while. I know I can do it as I’ve done it before…. years ago but in recent years got hooked on the Pepsi again….then would quit and then get hooked again…. but as of late it has really affected my health. I’m 46 and into perimenopause, caffiene and soda and all that sugar are a huge NO, NO for any woman getting into that time of their life (it can be a hard enough time without doing things that just aggravate it) and I know this and so have finally made that decision to give up the pepsi cold turkey. I gave it up September 19. I’ve had some bad headaches and am surviving those so far. Thankfully I’m an at home mom so can be at home while going through this as right now I’m into the feelings of feeling so tired and blah on some days and just need to rest a bit then can get back to my work….I really hate feeling like that but from everything I have been reading it will pass and so gives me great hope to stick it out. I can’t let myself down. I’ve sat and thought of all the great things about drinking pop and the caffiene….to be honest there is nothing good about it….the negative list is so long….makes no sense to keep drinking it, it just plain isn’t good for a person. Sheryl mentioned the addictive personality, can’t just have one….it is like an alcoholic which has really worried me a lot lately. Alcoholism runs rampid in my family….my dad is an alcoholic and so is my mother. My granfather was and had an uncle that died from it. I don’t touch the stuff and never would because I’ve seen what it has done to all of them….honestly the taste is just plain disgusting to me but have often thought that if Pepsi was alcohol I’d be drunk constantly…that is how hooked I’ve been on it! So for me going cold turkey is the only way to go, I can’t just have one and leave it at that. Other pop does nothing for me so am not bothered by any of that and don’t even care to drink any other. I really feel I’m going to kick this habit….will take some time but I know I can. I have been drinking a lot of water and do drink a few glasses of iced green tea a day, it does have a little bit of caffiene so I think that has helped stave off the headaches but not so much that it gives a person a buzz like drinking the pop with caffiene and all that sugar! So many on here may not know it, but you are truelly helping more people then you realize with your comments and suggestions. I wish everyone here the best….we can all do it!

  70. Lisa Says:

    Dr. Pepper is my crack! I want to quit because I know it’s not good for me. But, I just get depressed thinking about it. I’ve had so many good times drinking Dr. Pepper with friends. That evolved into consuming a can or 2 daily. Now I’m almost at a 2 liter a day. I admit it’s out of control. I am very much a health nut in other aspects of my diet, but I just can’t seem to quit. I guess you just really have to want it through and through in order to be successful.

  71. Chris Says:

    I had a life alter surgery when I was 11, i quite every sport i did, and picked up drinking soda. Not no 1 can a day, but many, some days it could go up to 12 cans if i had some freinds over. Now, at 19 years old, and 246 pounds, there is nothing more i want to do then to quit. ive tried MANY times but my urge to drink it just for the taste was overwhelming and i was always thirsty. Now at college, trying to quite once again, i walk into Cafitaria and everyone is drinking soda! It’s great to be able to read other peoples stories on how they quite soda so i can urge myself not to drink soda. Thank you everyone and wish me luck!!

  72. Karyn Says:

    I have been soda pop free for 4 years and 10 months now. It feels great! And you are right with everything you said. Those steps are great and truly will help someone if they are looking to quit drinking soda. Good article.

  73. Janet Says:

    I’m so thankful to read everyone’s stories. I too need to give up my one Dr. Pepper a day and am nervous about the headaches and lack of energy. With 4 kids I need to be on top of my game. Hopefully I can do this, because I know how badly I need to.

  74. Wanda Says:

    It has been 4 1/2 weeks since I first posted on here and thought I’d check in….I haven’t had one drop of Pepsi and I am proud of myself. I could care less about other kinds of pop, Pepsi was always my weakness. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…had a few headaches but nothing too bad. I do drink a lot of water now and also my green tea but I drink mine iced and no sugar…I can’t stand it as a hot tea. I think it really helps once you have made your mind up it will happen. Don’t feel bad if you have to start over more then once…I had to but finally this last time was the right time. It all just clicks when it is right so don’t get discouraged…good luck all of you….you can do it!! God Bless! Wanda

  75. Wanda Says:

    I forgot to say in my other post that I do feel so much better physically and am sleeping better at nights. I’m not a great sleeper to start with and was really getting very little sleep when drinking all this pepsi with the caffiene but now that it is out of my system I’m doing much better and do feel more rested then I had been!!That bloated feeling is gone too…what a wonderful feeling! Again, good luck to all of you…I will keep you in my prayers…you can do it! Wanda:)

  76. Russ Says:

    I have been drinking about 10 – 12 liters of diet coke a day for about 15 years now, it all began when I worked for a comapny that services all those convenience stores. They would offer me free fountain drinks so I began drinking diet coke to avoid the sugar and calorie intake of regular soda.I’ve tried several times to quit but can’t do it for very long, the last time I quit I managed to stay off it for about a month. I went out for dinner with my wife and thought one drink would be ok but as my glass became empty the waitress would bring me a refill without asking.The worst part is the terrible headaches while trying to quit, my wife just doesn’t understand. She doesn’t believe how hard this actually is, if I manage to successfuly quit this time I now know that one drink can hurt.

  77. Beth M. Says:

    Hey Russ – it is probably the double-whammy of caffeine and aspartame making you feel so bad!

    You can get the caffeine in other ways – they even make caffeinated gum now, and for those with a big addiction (which is probably LOTS of us!), they make Stay Awake pills available where you find tylenol – each pill is like one cup of coffee. It helps to get through the caffeine withdrawals, which I believe is harder than the aspartame.

    The aspartame withdrawal will probably make you feel like you have the flu. I’ve heard it many times over. I encourage you to give it up though. My beloved dad had changed from Coke to Diet Coke in the last few yrs of his life, and developed diabetes a couple yrs AFTER changing to diet coke! He also was more addicted to that than to regular soda! Aspartame has some beastly chemical affects on our systems and brain, and really should never have been put on the market.

    Check your other foods too – are you getting more aspartame elsewhere? It sneaks in so many places!

    Wanda – way to go! You are encouraging me today, because I need to get off regular Pepsi! I changed from Coke to Pepsi a few yrs back, but had pretty much gotten off of it. Then I moved to a place that had only well water, and no way was I drinking the iced tea from that! Bleah! So, I allowed myself to get back on Pepsi. Bad idea! I am back to drinking way too much, and really want to get rid of it entirely. I don’t eat much, so not concerned about the calories, but AM concerned about what others have said about it leaching calcium! It would surely explain a lot, including some of the dental troubles I am having now (which I cannot afford to get fixed, leaving me in a really bad positibn!). I am bookmarking this site to check back in and see how folks are doing – and I hope to have some good news myself too! : )

  78. Joe C. Says:

    Try a caffine pill like “no-doz” for the headaches, this worked really well for me. Wait to take it untill your really feeling awfull and it will dull the headache for awhile.

  79. Camilla Says:

    I have been drinking soda my entire life. I’m sort of upset with my parents for allowing me to drink it as a kid, they let me drink all the soda I wanted which was normally 3+ cans a day at 5 years old. Now I can go through a 12 pack of Diet Pepsi in a day if I have nothing better to do. I find that I can quit for about a week but as soon as I feel anxious about something I’ll start chugging Diet Pepsi.. or worse, alcohol. Every time I’m in a social situation I feel like I HAVE to drink a Diet Pepsi or a beer, or I’ll have a panic attack. I want to quit, it’s ruining my teeth and I hate feeling so dependent on the stuff. I just feel incredibly anxious and sad for no reason when I don’t drink soda. It sucks.

  80. Gaston Says:

    I quit soda about 4 months ago and now whenever I look at a glass of soda, I don’t feel drinking it. It just feels disgusting. I feel better overall, and I’ve lost 8% body fat. All I drink is water. No light gas, nothing, just pure water. The feeling of purity is replaceable by nothing. Quit soda, it’s worth it! Gaston

  81. Gaston Says:

    Also, make sure you do this transition: Soda –> Juice –> Water—-> 2 weeks 2 weeks Forever!

    Also, drink as much water as you can. I drink around 3 litres of water a day. That’s about 100 ounces. Good luck!

  82. Kelly Says:

    Hey… I am in my second day of no soda and ready to kill someone…tired and cranky! But I ran across all of your comments as I sit here in desperation trying to convince myself to not go back to my 2-3 Pepsi’s per day and I think I can go another day thanks to you all! I am not a big fan of straight water…does anybody use those flavoring packets in a bottle of water and is there anything bad in them??? Thanks

  83. Debra Says:

    I WANT or, at least think I want, to quit my Diet Pepsi habit but I’m scared. I drink on average 3 or 4 two (2) liter bottles a day…warm right out of the bottle. I do not drink anything else…no water, juice, coffee, tea, etc. Nothing seems to work like my Diet Pepsi for me. I really don’t even think I am thirsty, I just drink it. I’m afraid of having the headaches and flu like symptoms and being tired all the time. I tried a few years ago and after 2 days a co worker brought me a soda saying he noticed I was drinking caffeine free and that was why I was so bitchy. I hadn’t even noticed although I’d noticed the dull headache for about a day by then. I’d accidently bought a couple cases of caffeine free and didn’t want to let it go to waste. Anyway, after reading all the posts, I think I’ll get some Excedrin and No Doz and start drinking water and try to stop the madness of my soda habit. I don’t know if I can go cold turkey tho. I know I’ll be better healthwise for it but just the idea of the pain and suffering it takes makes me fearful and keeps me from trying. I appreciate this forum and will rely on it as a support. I really do think I am going to try! Hurray!

  84. Michele Says:

    Debra, you can do this! I think you’re on the right track with your plan. I found I was addicted, really, to two separate things–the taste, and the caffeine. So first give up the Diet Pepsi habit, and then taper down gradually with the caffeine. I found Spearmint Jolt gum very helpful, if you can find that. One piece has about half the caffeine of Excedrine. If you do have a few crappy days, remind yourself that you’re doing this, now, to avoid future chronic health problems. I’ve been completely caffeine-free for only 6 days, now, but I feel so much better already. I can hardly believe I did it. But, I did it! You can do it, too!

  85. Jeremy Says:

    Hello Everyone! I am glad to see that other people are going through the same things that I am going through. After the holidays had passed us I to decided to give up sodas. I am a Registered Nurse who works in the Emergency Room. It’s so easy to just pop open a can of soda to “quinch your thirst”. I am not quite sure of the exact amount of soda I was drinking per day, but I do know that it was alot. Now looking back I see how disgusting that habit was. I wish parents knew how bad sodas were for their children before they give their child their first soda. I quit soda Cold Turkey, and I only had 2 headaches. Sure, I still get the cravings for soda, but when those cravings hit I reach for water or for a can of V8. I have been soda free for almost 3 weeks now and I feel great! Its amazing how much more energy I have during the day. Thank goodness for not having those mid-day crash and burns from drinking sodas. I also found a 64 ounce water bottle that I carry around. I usually drink about 1 1/2 of these a day. I can already tell a difference in the way my clothes fit and I have lost about 7.5 lbs so far. Trust me if I can do this, anyone can! Just have faith in yourself!

  86. Hiba Says:

    i quit cold turkey in july of 2008 n i havent regretted it since! ive been really happy i cant tell u how much better ive felt after quitting! like today i just went shopping n i realized…my stomach is flatter n now i fit into the clothes I WANT! its not about what i can wear to hide the bulge…its what i can wear that shows of the body im proud of! now i have to admit i did slip up twice…n each time i realized….i didnt mind not having it! i found that i just found the taste to be ok…not “oh my god gotta have it” feelings! i think quitting all carbonated drinks was the best thing to ever happen to me! H2O… its beautiful ;]

  87. Michele Says:

    Eleven days caffeine-free, now, and I don’t even crave it anymore. Listen, when you’re hooked on Coke or Pepsi, everytime you want one, you imagine that it’s going to taste like the best one you ever had. Once you kick it, you remember that a lot of times, it was just “okay,” like Hiba says. And you remember that even when you really enjoyed it, it wasn’t worth what you paid for it later. I was hooked on that stuff for THIRTY MIGRAINE-FILLED YEARS! I didn’t believe the caffeine was what was causing my migraines, until I quit. It was a remote possibility, but I knew I should try it. I kept putting it off, thinking it was going to be too hard, thinking I’d be miserable for the rest of my life jonesing for a soda, thinking I’d fail, anyway. If you’re trying to decide if you should do it, let me encourage you. Take one week out of the rest of your life and give it a serious try. Read all the tips in this thread and make a plan. Make it as fool-proof as you can. Stock the house with good healthy food and lots of cold water. Avoid the foods you just can’t eat without a soda. Give yourself permission to slack off, like you do when you have a cold or flu, in case you don’t feel up to par for a couple of days. And then, just do it.

  88. Ryan Says:

    Since October of 2007 I’ve been soda free! After 14 years of constant soda drinking(I was 10 or 12 years old when I started the soda binge), I wanted to rid myself of this daily habit. My goal was to quit “depending” on having soda every day or at all. I focused on the unhealthy processed ingredients and carbonation in soda and one day just said enough is enough and quit drinking it. The one thing is to not buy it (obviously) so you don’t have it laying around the house or at work (which can be difficult with vending machines). Another thing that helped was I was into drinking loose leaf teas and of couse fresh water.

    I went from drinking an average every day: 10-14 years old: 2 cans 15-17: 2 litter! 18-22: 3 cans 23-25: 1-1.5 cans Now: nothing!

  89. Nate Says:

    Reading all of this gives me a lot of hope. I have gained 40+ pounds in the past two years from drinking soda and alcohol. I’ve quit the alcohol part, and now it’s time to tackle the soda. It’s depressing to look at all my old clothes that I can no longer fit into! I have to buy new ski pants for this ski season. Being overweight is expensive!

  90. Michele Says:

    See, Nate, one thing DOES lead to another! So, now you have to buy new ski pants–an expensive investment, seeing that they’ll be too big for you by the end of the season. But that sounds like a fun way to get back in shape! Keeping healthy foods on hand and getting daily exercise–even just 20 minutes of brisk walking–really helped me reach my goal. No soda or caffeine of any kind for over a month! I wish you great success.

  91. Michele Says:

    Wait. I didn’t mean “See, one thing leads to another” like “See, drinking soda for two years leads to bigger pants.” While that can be true, what I meant was that kicking one bad habit that ruled you for a long time raises your opinion of what you can personally accomplish. And then one day, you realize you’re caught in an upward spiral, which is a much more satisfying direction.

  92. Randy Says:

    I am a pepsi addict. I can’t stop. It is to the point where it is affecting my life. Is there an anonymous group to help kick the habbit? I am scared I may get throat cancer if I do not quit!

  93. Zack Says:

    Alright, so I’ve been drinking pop ever since I was a wee lad, I’m 18 now and I went from 3-4 cans of whatever sort of pop I could get my hands on (my personal favorite being Pepsi) Down to nothing, although I had no withdrawls, or even a headache, The first day I quit I did sleep for 22 hours, but that was just one time. I live on water, and watered down Arizona iced tea (well the tea once a week or so)

    Anyway, It’s possible, everyone… and It’s well worth it when you overcome it, I wish you all the best in the struggle.

  94. luke conrad Says:

    I started drinking soda when i was a young boy. Now im 23. I’ve completely quit to see if i can lose weight. See im big into cycling and weigh 180 lbs. I’m a real good time trialist and im very storng on climbs to but if i can chip off 20 lbs ill be incredibly fast on climbs and probably a better time trialist. My solution? stop drinking beer + soda. Some days ill drink a bottle of wine.. a few sodas, others just a few sodas, others a coffee, others a 12 pack of beer and a bottle of wine with a few sodas, yet I average prob 30-40 miles biked in the mountains per day on my bike. I kept trying for greater performance to go out there andjust go longer and harder but now this is my new tactic.

    NO Alcohol NO Soda except sprite on the very rare occasion as treat.

  95. Keeley Says:

    I need advice/tips. I smoke a pack a day, I want to lose 50 lbs, and I drink 1 2L of regular pepsi everyday. Where to start? What first and how? aarrgghh, help!!!!

  96. Julie Says:

    Keeley, I was in your shoes just a few months ago. I smoked a pack of Marlboro Lights each day and drank lots of Coke. I started to break both habits seperately. First was the smoking. I smoked everywhere I was, so I started to break that habit by not smoking in my home and car. Those two were the biggest besides smoking when drinking alcohol. Once you break those habits you might find, as I did, that you are craving the smokes less and less. I have been using generic Zyban pills to help the cravings. Zyban works the best, but my insurance only covers the generic form. I have been smoke free for a few weeks now.

    My pop addiction is still in affect, but I have found a Coke subsitute in diet Mt. Dew. I very much HATED water ever since I could remember. I think what changed my mind was the revalation of how much calories/fat grams were in a single can of Coke. I still need the taste of pop so I have been drinking one can of diet mt dew instead. Instead of jumping right into drinking plain water all the time I tried iced tea. I bought a very large Lipton Iced Tea container at Walmart for a few bucks. This helped a lot in the beginning and now I drink plain COLD ice water. My body sculpting book says that cold water is better than room temperature water. I don’t know the difference, but I like ice water better anyway.

    I hope my story can offer advice to anyone who wants it. I am still overweight, but I am smoke free and Coke free so far. Baby steps. Baby steps.

  97. Mallory Says:

    I got hooked on soda at around 14 or 15. I was an avid soccer and hockey player, and after a game I would always have a soda. My addiction got much worse in college, drinking soda while do homework and/or watching TV and drinking it with all my meals.

    The reason I want to quit is because my teeth can’t take it anymore! I’ve known I had weak enamel for a long time because the dentist would tell me I need to get off the soda, or at least drink through a straw since I had a tendency to sip it making it even worse for your teeth. Plus I feel like maybe, just maybe, soda might be to blame for some of my stomach aches.

    I was able to quit for awhile, well not completely, I still had one every so often, but was doing much better since I took up hockey again and I felt like soda was killing my game (stomach issues, heart racing, etc.). But now in the off season I’m back on it. And it’s hard to get off since I work 2nd shift 2-11pm at my job. I’m at work right now drinking a wild cherry Pepsi. I have a case at my home of Pepsi, but once it’s gone, I’m determined to quit it!

  98. Lisa Says:

    I’ve been drinking soda for over 10 Years. When I worked in an arcade with free fountain drink re fills that is when I became really addicted. Not only was I addicted to the soda, but the feeling of drinking it. It calmed me down, took my stress away. I just love that burning sensation the carbonation gives me when I drink it. My eyes water when I take the first sip from a soda can….this is horrible!! I quit the end of last July, and I had the with drawls horrible! but then finals week popped up… I had double finals and was super stressed so on the way to class I went to the cafe and asked for a soda. I really thought he was going to tell me no. I thought or felt I was buying drugs in a public place and I needed to keep it quiet. Ever since then I can’t stop. And yes the weight gain and addiction is way way worse when you start back up. Drug Dealers, they are making the soda (Drugs: Caffeine, Sugar, HIGHFRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!) for cheap and the healthy stuff is expensive! It makes no sense. (We need to write to our government to show them how people can not just stop drinking soda, it is a drug like coccaine, or Heroin (I was once told I resembled what a person had written about their heroin shooting up experience when I drank a RockStar.

    I would say stay away from HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP This stuff is in almost everything! It makes you gain weight because it stops your stomach from signaling to your brain when it is full, and a diet which excludes this is one of the healthiest in my opinion.

    Point is SODA IS A DRUG! It is as bad for your body as alcohol. And now that I have been drinking it again my stomach looks as if I am pregnant sometimes 🙁 It is not the consumers fault here. Soda is unwarningly addictive!

  99. Rose Says:

    I have “quit” sodas a few times in the past two years and the longest I made it was 3 weeks. At two weeks I got severely sick for almost a month and I went to the doctor and they could not figure out what was wrong with me. I told the doctor I worked and went to school full time and had been trying to quit sodas. She asked how much relaxation time I had and I looked at her blankly. I had not rested in over two months! I was wearing my body down and it was unable to get better! I took two days off of work and school and slept the entire time! That was two months ago, and I still want to quit so I am now on day 11 of no sodas and I don’t have class so I am able to get a lot of extra rest.

    I do feel tired ALL THE TIME, and I got a really bad headache the third day, but excedrin helped me through it. since then I just have that fuzzy, unfocused feeling in my head and I am REALLY irritable at times! I have also been exercising much more and I feel less bloated already!

    I drink 12oz of tea in the mornings and water the rest of the day, unless I start getting a headache, then it’s more tea. This has made things much easier…it’s those awful headaches that always made me go back to sodas in the past, but I’m doing what I can to wean myself slowly off the caffeine without the help of soda.

    There are many reasons to stay away from sodas, I’m still waiting for these withdrawals to be over with, but I’m more hopeful this time around. It’s good to know that there are others struggling to kick the soda habit! Keep it up everybody!

  100. Cbee Says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you are all here, I’m quitting (again) and I’ve been doing all I can not to cave in and head downstairs to get a diet coke to last me the rest of the day. Your stories are inspiring. Time for another bottle of water!

  101. Ctee Says:

    This article and the 100 responses have been so helpful to me. I really appreciate that everyone wrote in and was so honest. I was drinking 2-3 or more regular Cokes per day for years and years. (about 20 years?) and i thought the whole time that it was pretty gross that my most commonly consumed substance was Coca-Cola. yuck. But I LOVED drinking it. at least I thought I did. Now that I have quit, I have tried a sip or 2 here or there and it tastes awful to me now. (thank god) I quit on June 2, 2009. I’m almost to 2 months. I was a bit moody for a week and I had a headache for the first week or so but it was mild and I followed everyone’s advice and drank tons of water (I, too, felt like my body had been dehydrated for years) and I took Tylenol or Advil as needed but not very much. I am really proud of myself for quitting. Reading everyone’s responses made a big difference, and helped give me the strength I needed. I hadn’t quite decided if I was giving up soda for life or just giving up drinking it regularly, but now that I’ve had almost none in 2 months and I feel so good, I think I might, day by day, strive for long-term without the evil beverage. Thanks to everyone. and good luck to you all!

  102. Veronica Says:

    I’ve been drinking 2-3 sodas per day for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried to quit a total of 8 times, but I’ve never had any sort of withdrawal symptom, whether it be dehydration, caffeine headaches, or fatigue. I haven’t used substitutes either, I just drink water. Am I doing this right?

  103. susan hughes Says:

    Hey I stopped drinking pop a week ago it is like drug to me. I started taking green tea pills, and i have not had withdraws like headaches from quitting. I do miss it. But i can not gain anymore weight so this is one change I can make.

  104. K Says:

    I quit drinking pepsi around a week ago and I’m still having pretty bad headaches. I’ve been drinking mostly water and flavoured water. I always drank up to 1 litre of pepsi a day so I’m hoping I’ll be able to see this through. So far so good!

  105. Megan Says:

    I’m about 48 hours into my first ever attempt to quit drinking soda. I’ve been an avid soda drinker for as long as I can remember and it’s just gotten worse as I’ve been in college. I’ve heard of people losing weight once they quit drinking soda and so I figured this was one easy thing I could do in order to lose a few pounds. And save some money! The only withdrawal symptoms I have experienced so far is randomly getting hot and starting to sweat and feeling a little nauseous. The nausea has helped with the cravings for the most part. I’m planning on fighting through these awful side effects and kicking this habit!

  106. Jamie W. Says:

    I’ve been drinking pop since I’ve been a little kid. I’m 17 years old now, and I drink A LOT every day. Like 3-4 cans? sometimes 2-3. I’m planning on quitting tomorrow. It’s going to be tough and frustrating with school and everything else. Thanks for these tips, etc. 🙂

  107. Teresa Says:

    I do great all summer long and as soon as I have to get back to school the addiction rears its ugly head again. I know it is bad for my figure, bad for my health and that it is an addiction. I keep trying to really make myself visualize- as a dog returns to its vomit- it is a biblical reference. addiction is this ugly and points to gluttony- why am I spending 5-10 dollars a day on a sugary substance that has no nutritional value and actually harms my overall health?

  108. Amee E. Says:

    Today is the start of a new life. I am 36 and addicted to Dr. Pepper. I have been drinking this substance since I was around 13. I can not believe that so many people are having the same battle. Maybe it is time for the FDA to step up and do their jobs. I believe there are enough testimonies out there to face up to this huge epidemic. I am glad to see so many people recognizing this is an addiction, just like drugs, alcohol and overeating. Maybe we should be sending letters to the soda industries and make them aware that we are on to them? I am going to make a change today. My children are not going to have to go through this. No more sodas in my house!!!!!

  109. Tom A. Says:

    I quit cold turkey Thursday of last week. No real problems, just a bit of crankiness. Friday I was dragging all day. Slept 12 hours Friday night/Saturday morning. On Saturday I went for a short, two mile hike on the Appalachian Trail — all good.

    …except about an hour later I got beat down with a monsterous headache behind my right eye. Six Vicodin in two days (today’s Monday) pushed it back a little bit and finally I think it’s fading. I spent the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday near the bathroom in case I vomited.

    Two more days of this, I think, and I should be on the upside. This is seriously unfun.

  110. Cerah G. Says:

    I have been drinking multiple varieties of soda for the past 20 years. For the last 15 years, I have consumed more than 50 cans of soda every week and in the past 5 years, I have added multiple cans of Red Bull to my regime. I feel like I am no longer in control of my own body. I have been trying to cut back on the amount that I drink but I’m pretty sure that I am going to have to go cold turkey for this to work. I have come across some very useful tips in my research and thought I would share one of them with you.

    If you are getting the lack of energy from no caffine, take B12 supplements. B12 is a water soluable vitamin that your body draws its energy from. You can take as much as you want and whatever your body doesn’t need, it eliminates. This will help keep you awake throughout the day.

    I am starting my no caffine commitment tomorrow. Hope all goes well. We can do it!!

  111. Jason Says:

    I recently quit soda cold turkey. I am still having terrible headaches and I feel sick. This is not the first time i have done this. I’m not actually trying to lose weight but i remember how i felt last time i tried and how much better i felt after quitting. I would like to give all of you hope because it is a very hard thing to get away from. Thanks for the inspiration.

  112. Noah Says:

    Approx 72 Hours ago I quit drinking Pepsi/Coke cold turkey….I havent felt that great, but no headache yet. I still get urges when I eat. Its hard to deal with them. I am winning the battle for now. I tried to ween myself off a few years ago it only made me drink worse. I could drink a 2 liter with dinner. I was consuming about 3 2 liters or more a day. I went from 200 lbs 5 yrs ago to 270. Im 27yrs old and Im lazy. I recently had a friend who lost a lot of weight(90lbs) who influenced me a great deal to try and kick some weight. Im joining her gym on wed Good luck to all on quiting, Im not even close to being out of the woods yet….

  113. tate Says:

    hi i am 15 years old..

    i wanna get off soda cause of all the sugar.

    i average like a 2leter aday! its really hard on my teeth… i have tons of cavitys but for some reason i cant alter from soda to water!

    wut are some tips? i need more! 🙂

  114. Noah Says:

    It has been 2 weeks since my last taste of any type of soda. I had been drinking tea with meals and was able to quit drinking that as well the past 2 days. I finally had a major migraine the other night after I made it through an entire day without drinking anything but water and a glass of orange juice that morning. I was very tired the past week, but have seemed to get through that as well. I went through wendys drive through for first time since no soda. I got a burger and a WATER!!!! never dreamed I could do that. I have had more energy lately. I was able to go on a 5 mile hike through the woods and even played a couple hours of basketball the other day. That felt great havent done that since 2007. I hope all is doing well. Good luck everyone..As an added bonus ive lost 7lbs in these 2 weeks!!!! Im going for a jog and to me thats hard to believe!

  115. ricky Says:

    I’ve been quitting diet pepsi 12 days ago and I sipped one for 3days about 6 days ago.I was drinking on the average 48oz a day for the last 15yrs. Aboyt 4days into it I felt nauseous with a moderate headache. But a week into it My back has broken out and it has one boil that is discomforting, and it feels almost like a rash or like spider bites.. I’m not sure if it’s because of the reaction to stopping it or not.. It’s great though I’m not that thirsty and not that hungry. Even if I don’t lose the weight I want I’m still not drinking sodas, just for the fact I don’t like being played like a tool.I also take into consideration of the money I’d save.. at least $600 a yr.. good luck everyone. for the ones’ on diet soda I read that aspertine turns into thermogahide, methane, and who knows what else.

  116. Shay Says:

    So im 15 and today have decide to give up caffein. I general drink 4-6 dr peppers a day depending on how much im home. Ive done it before while on vacation, its a great time to by the way! but when i returned home I just found it easy to go to the fridge and grab one… i am quitting, pray for me!

  117. Jasmine Says:

    I am going to make the commitment to quit pepsi!! I have drank it for about 10 or more years. I realize that it is a secuity blanket for me. I have tried quiting in the past, but wasnt able to continue because of the headaches. However, my doctor told me to drink a cup of tea, Green tea, because it has caffine. And to come off it slowly. So as of today, I am going to commit. I am going to tell my friends and family, and write down my reason and post them up on the fridge. I have quit smoking about 15/16 months ago, and so my addiction to pepsi was a substitute for smoking, but now im feeling like pepsi has to go too!!

  118. mickey Says:

    I quit drinking diet Pepsi now for two weeks and I am bloated or retaining water. Is this because caffeine is a diuretic and I am no longer consuming it? Has any one else experienced this? I hope this is happening because my body is trying to adjust without the pop. I continue to drink lots of water hoping to get rid of this bloating and fluid retention.

  119. Diann Says:

    I am on day 3 of going cold turkey off Diet Pepsi. I was even in the ER last night because I thought I was having a Heart Attack. Just Anxiety, which I haven’t had since August.

    I have had a Diet Pepsi addiction since the mid 90’s. I drank it through both my pregnancies. It is literally killing me at this point. My thyroids are enlarged, I am always tired,and have serious Anxiety problems. What I love about it is that it almost gives me a euphoric feeling after drinking a nice cold can. It is also a drug that most people drink, but it is not illegal, because the major companies that supply aspartame,saccharine,high fructose Corn syrup and soybeans are allowed to poison us, because the head of the FDA and USDA used to work for the company that makes all these poisons. So that is why there are no regulations on anything. They say it’s ok, because Americans don’t complain about these chemicals, so its safe. Well it’s not that we don’t care, we just don’t know.

  120. Willow Says:

    I just wanted to add something that might help for the headaches, Aleve. When I first stopped drinking Coke I had terrible headaches and it was from the lack of caffeine. Aleve has some caffeine in it, enough to stop my headache and get me thru the worst of it.

  121. Tom Says:

    I have been drinking diet soda for the last 20 years (anywhere from a couple cans to 4 liters a day) and I am concerned about the health risks as well as the wasted money. I have quite several times in the past but ussually start back in a few weeks or months. I have not had a diet soda since 4:00pm yesterday and feel fine other than a little tired. I have been drinking plenty of water and got a good nights sleep.

  122. amanda Says:

    I have not drank any soda in 9-10 days. I have had sharp pains in my head and little headaches. Nothing as bad to make me throw up or feel sick. I am tired but I think I can manage. I just want to lose this tummy fat and look good in a bikini. 🙂 I have lost 3lbs so far too. 🙂

  123. amanda Says:

    Oh I did have an anxiety attack all day one day, which I haven’t had in a long time. And thought I was dying one day. I’m ok, really not dying, my life is good why not make it better. Wish you all the best!

  124. kathie Says:

    I am about to quit my cola habit… again. I recently made it 21 days, but I realize my mistake… my goal was only 21 days so after that I gave myself “permission” to drink it again and have slowly gotten myself back up to having one every day again. Any my big bloated belly shows it. I’m worried about the caffeine but especially all that SUGAR (I always drink regular, can’t stand diet.) And I’m just tired of my stomach sticking out too. I need to determine my reasons and make up my mind to quit for good. I always hope to get to a point where I can have one occasionally but I don’t seem to be able to do that… when I have one, I just start all over again. This is a good page to help “remotivate” myself.

  125. Colleen Says:

    Well… I stopped drinking Coke about three weeks ago cold turkey. I had no withdrawal whatsoever. This completely shocked me since I’ve been having between one and two cokes a day for years. I’m 18 now and am not fat at all, but feel I have just a small bit of pudge on the belly area. Needless to say, I’ve lost no weight at all. I was really shocked. I thought I would. Am I expecting too much too soon? Will I see results a little further down the line? Or does this mean that coke was not my problem? I do not intend to drink it again, I would just like to know.

  126. Christina Says:

    I’ve been off soda for a week and a half now, and every day, I get the worst headaches imaginable. But, it is so worth it. I feel a whole lot better, and I’m not giving in.

  127. Cathy Says:

    Awesome reading, I quit drinking coke 3 day’s ago when my husband left for Iraq, I have the worse headache ever but glad to know its from the caffeine and it will pass, thought i was tired because of my husband just leaving but i believe its a combination of giving up coke and him leaving and it will get better, I need to drink water but i went from coke to gatorade probably not much better, it just don’t have caffeine in it.

    i plan on quitting cigarettes tomorrow and start my diet to lose 70 lbs. so no coke or cigarettes for me! wish me luck!

  128. Cheryl Says:

    I had my last diet coke six days ago. I have been drinking it for over twenty and shudder to think of the damage I might have done to my body not to mention all the money I’ve wasted. It started in high school as a way to “fill me up’ when I was on a diet then it became a severe addiction.I too felt “tied” to the drink and always had to bring one wherever we wentot find a store to get one. I have quit for my pregnancies but started back with one or two in the last stages until it was a full blown addiction again. I tried not to keep track of how many I was drinking as I guess I was in denial and afraid to admit out loud the number– but it was over 3 litres a day in total !!!! I can’t believe that this time the withdrawl symptoms have not been bad, just woke up with a minor headache the second day then I felt OK from then on (other that the psychological cravings) I have a tea in the morning to fend off the headaches and then lemon water all day then another tea in the evening. I still feel like I want to drink all the time but hopefully this will diminish a bit. I have three kids and I told them I’m quitting which was a good thing because I don’t want to break my promise and as my son said-“I’ll be watching you, you better not have a secret stash!!” I keep thinking that I have to keep going because I want to be healthy and be around to see my kids grow up.

  129. The Artist Says:

    This might not be the best solution to the headache issue but here is what I did. In the begining it was migrane and vomit city for me for days straight. So not being able to cope I started drinking soft drinks again. So, how did I beat the addiction? Goodies or BC powder! These powders contain caffene; right! I went cold turkey in the morning and I took a half of a Powder. I had water though out the day and in the evening I took the other half of the powder. The next day cut back on the amount of powder you take. Do this every day as needed until its such a small amount of powder its not worth opening a new one for that day. The water flushes you out and the Goodies / BC powder helps with the caffene issues.

  130. LeopardGirl Says:

    I am giving up cokes cold turkey starting today. I usually drink anywhere from about 2-10 12oz cokes a day depending on my mood. I realized last night the damage I am doing to my body. It hit me like a ton of bricks. My digestive system is out of whack and my sleeping schedule is terrible. I found myself taking laxatives more than anyone should because the caffeine made me so constipated. I have also gained like 10 lbs in the last few months after quitting my job and I know it’s because of my diet. I have also read that cokes can damage coins and cause throat cancer among other things. I decided to do a little experiment. I put two very dirty pennies in a plastic cup and poured a bit of regular coke from one of the cans I had left and put it on the counter. I want to show myself what corrosive properties it has. If plumbers can use it to clean drains and airline maintenance men can use it to clean oil lines, then what is it doing to my insides? I plan to go to the drug store tonight to buy some Excedrin so I am ready for when those withdrawal headaches come. I am starting to feel one already and I am sipping some Tazo Awake tea. I hope this works! I hate coke!

  131. Tom Says:

    I’m going to keep this page open for motivation. Today is my first soda-free day. I’m used to drinking 3 or 4 20oz Pepsis a day, and work is a big trigger for me because the vending machine is right there. I took a bottle of sparkling mineral water to work to help me get past the psychological dependency. At home I loaded up on bottled water, apple cider, orange juice and soy milk.

    I’m in okay health, but I hate the caffeine/sugar highs and crashes and I hate feeling like I don’t have the willpower to stop. Also, my teeth and skin aren’t that great and soda isn’t helping. Hopefully I can come back on December 1 and report some progress.

  132. Elizabeth Says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments and experience. I am a single mother of 3 kids one is special needs and I am very addicted to Dr. Pepper. I myself have psuedotumor cerebri more then likely due to extra weight gain due to drinking so many Dr.Peppers. I have already had the migraine headaches for two straight days part is due to my condition. I only drink Dr.Pepper or sweet tea so many Dr. Peppers I couldnt’ tell ya how many I drink a day. SO I have decided Im going to quit drinking Dr. Pepper and Im going to get in shape. My dad has been smoking for over 30+ years and hes going to quit smoking also. So he and I are going to quit our addictions together and I have some ideas from all of your comments and experience that should help him and me both. Thank you everyone.

  133. Cranky Jim Says:

    Thanks everyone for the help. I’ve quit Soda 3 times in my life. The first time I didn’t last 24 hours. The second time I made it almost a week. Finally I did it. My girlfiend told me it would help our sex life and since I’m 60 and she is 30 I thought this might keep me last just a little longer. So I replaced it with some really great physical activity if you know what I mean. Anyway my gal is happy and I am constantly finding new ways to explore my gal without soda…..lots of water, lots of KY, and lots of love!

  134. Addicted in Iowa Says:

    I just read all 133 posts and I want to thank the author of the article and everyone for posting- I’m glad its not just me! I sit on my butt in an office all day and would embarassingly bring a 2 liter in every morning and drink the whole dang thing by 5pm- and packed on the pounds. I’ve tried to quit over and over for the past 5 years. I originally drank regular Pepsi, switched to Diet mt Dew to avoid gaining more cubicle weight. Once I got used to that I switched to Caffeine free Dt Mt Dew.. and everyone said ‘what’s the point?!’ To this day the the bubbles are what i miss the most but I’m hanging in there so far. I’ve scoured the internet for tips and have tried alot of them- here’s what I’m doing now, and its working so far: 1. Warning– and I know firsthand: Be careful of lemon water– it works as a moderate substitute beverage, but it gave me 4 cavities in 6 months and I had only had 2 ever in my entire life before that (I’m 27 yrs old). Its acidity ruined the enamal on my teeth– should have just stuck with the Dt Dew. If lemon water works for you- BE SURE TO RINSE OR ALTERNATE WITH REGULAR WATER! 2. Crystal light can help get you off the sugar and caffeine- but its really no different than diet pop. Still has fake sugar (aspertame, splenda, etc). Flavored water does too. Fake sugars are worse for you than high fructose corn syrup- more addictive, makes you crave actual sugar/sweets, and breaks down into nasty nasty by-products in your body. I told my mother that if I kick the bucket before her that she better get a discount from the mortician b/c I’m probably 1/2-embalmed by now from all the diet soda. 3. Holy crap- think of all the MONEY you will save. I figured out that 2-liters are the most economical way to buy soda… hi, can you say addict? That’s like the nicotine addict driving across the state line for a carton of cigs to save on tax. Even buying it by the 2 liter, $1 a pop- and I’d drink one a day- that’s $365 a year, MINIMUM- if buy it the CHEAPEST WAY POSSIBLE. 4. So the only thing that’s actually worked for me this time- is to have fun with my substitutes. I use frozen fruit for ice cubes when I’m drinking plain water- peaches are my fav. And I drink it out of a big quart jar with a straw like they used to serve drinks at this resteraunt my friends and I would go to in high school. Without the fruit flavor- I wouldnt drink it- plain water is boring and tasteless to me. And the jar makes it fun. And if I struggle and miss the bubbles– soda water. It doesnt taste good- so it doesn’t take much to get my fix and move on without risking everything. I also went and bought a ridiculously expensive ($13) reusable (thank god) thermal cup. Its cute, I love it. So i put my hot tea in that and it makes it special and i’m more motivated to drink it. They do make decaf tea folks- in all kinds of flavors, I should write the ppl @ Lipton a thank you letter. 5. I’ve lost a little weight (wasn’t overweight to start).. .but my face is soooooo much clearer. Somedays I swore I was mid-teens, not mid20s. 6. Drink lots and lots and lots of other fluids. 7. Chew gum when you get a craving. 8. Sleep. No joke. 9. At least walk.. if not actually work out. It gives you energy, i swear. 10. And eat (healthy). I was hungry at first– but then I got over it. The transition is the worst.


  135. Kayla Says:

    I usually drink between 3-6 (sometimes more) diet sodas per day. My mom has been tyring to get us off sodas, but it hasn’t worked very well. A while back I tried to stop drinking soda and went through caffiene withdrawls for about 3 days. I felt wonderful after that, but after a few weeks I started drinking diet sodas again. Yesterday, after I heard that diet sodas can lead to brain tumors, weight gain, and birth defects, I decided I was going to quit again. I am currently experiencing the withdrawls, but I am stickin to my plan! The short term negative effects are better than long-term life altering effects.

  136. Joanna Says:

    I drink at least two 20 oz bottles and one 2-litter bottle per day at a daily cost of $3.55. The ironic part of my 20-year Diet Coke addition is that I started drinking Diet Coke to lose weight after a pregnancy. I joined weight watchers and you could drink as much Diet Coke as you wanted, it was a free food/drink. Before that I was addicted to Coke. So at this point Caffeine has been an addiction for 24 years and artificial sweeteners 20-years. Now most of the research I see shows that artificial sweeteners cause people to gain weight. I’ve decided to kick that habit due to health concerns such as bone loss and weight problems. I’ve been exercising heavily for 2+ years and haven’t lost any weight. I’ve tried quitting before but never made it more than a few days, this time I’ve decided it is going to be different. I’ve educated my self on what to expect and I’m going to stick to it. This website had been great, I found reading everyone’s posts helpful and motivating.

    I quit Diet Coke cold turkey 7 days ago. Wow, what a roller coaster of withdrawal symptoms I’ve been on. I’ve experienced irritability, depression, huge sweet cravings, low energy levels, chest pains and headaches. Today day 7 I sit here with a headache. The research I have found seems to support withdrawal symptoms from caffeine lasting 2 weeks. As of today I have saved $24.85. I am going to use that money this week to reward and pamper myself by getting a pedicure.

    Experiencing these withdrawal symptoms has proved to me just how bad Diet Coke is for my body. I’ve read hundreds of magazine articles about the horrors of diet soda but I needed these 7 days as a wake up call.

  137. David Says:

    I have been drinking diet sodas since I was a teenager. I have always excercised regularly and stayed healthy. Now I’m 40 years old and realizing that I have been drinking gallons of diet coke everyday for the last 10 years.(and very little water) Over the past 4 years I have had some really random and strange medical issues, most recently I went to the doctor and he is suspecting type 2 diabetes and kidney problems. I am afraid. Thats my motivation. and today is day 2 without Diet Coke.

  138. ashley Says:

    Has anybody actually felt more bloated after stopping drinking diet soda cold turkey? I stopped drinking diet dew about a week ago, and i feel terrible. Not only do i have headaches, and am burning up. I also feel more bloated than ever. Will this pass?

  139. Deanna Says:

    I want to quit drinking pop so very badly but when I try I find myself thinking about it all the time, like it is a happiness characteristic… How do I get past this problem???

  140. Sandy Says:

    It’s good to know that I am not alone. I’ve been addicted to FOUNTAIN Pepsi for years. Something about that “burn” you get in the back of your throat. But, starting today, I quit! I’ve been feeling lethargic and foggy too often, and I hate it. It’s not worth it.

  141. Deirdre Says:

    I start when I wake up!! After years of drinking it I just want to be DONE!

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