Don’t Stop Thinking About NOW

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I have this old Fleetwood Mac song in my Workout playlist. It reminds me of President Clinton and how enthusiastic we were when he was first elected. It seemed like a good, upbeat song to put in my list. You can hear it here:

The truth is, thinking about tomorrow has gotten me into a lot of trouble in the past.

“I’ll start eating right again tomorrow,” while stuffing my face with food.

“I’ll start running again tomorrow,” while sitting on the couch, watching too much television.

“I’ll get some healthy snacks tomorrow,” while skipping my snack time, allowing myself to get too hungry and binge the next meal.

Tomorrow has gotten me into a BUNCH of trouble. I know this is a long journey and the long view will help with that, but I’ve used the promise of tomorrow to CONTINUE the bad practices of today. Instead of all those horrible lies, I said to myself, I should have been thinking of NOW.

“I’ll start eating right NOW,” while putting down the binge food, throwing it away or spitting it out.

“I’ll start running NOW,” while lacing up my running shoes and putting the leash on the dog.

“I’ll get some healthy snacks NOW,” while running quickly to the closest store to get fruit and veggies for my snacks.

NOW is far more powerful than TOMORROW. I don’t know why I never saw that before.


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