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I’ve been back to doing weight training again for the first time in two years. Every time I tried to do it in the past, I just did too much at first and ended up quitting before a week was over because I was in too much pain to do any more.

This time, I did it differently. This time, I cut my weight down to the lowest it could be and the first week, I only did one set of 15 for each exercise. I had a routine for the muscles on the front of my body for one day and a different routine for the muscles on the back of my body for the next day (I think I got that idea from Jillian Michaels). And I have been doing my weight training EVERY day.

It was super easy, but I didn’t hurt myself and I didn’t quit, so I considered it progress.

The second week, I upped my workout by doing two sets of 15 and kept the weights at that same LOW level. I was surprised that at some of the exercises, I was really struggling to do my two very simple sets. No wonder I had hurt myself before, I was doing WAY more than I should have for a beginner.

Next week, I’ll up my workout to three sets of 15 at that same low weight level. Sure, I’m going to start feeling pain and the last rep is going to look just like the girl in the picture, but at least I won’t be injuring myself. Pushing myself is good, but pushing myself so hard that I quit isn’t.

The next time you’re inspired to overdo it on your workout, remember that you have to be able to do another workout tomorrow. If you push yourself so hard that you can’t remain consistent, then you’re sabotaging yourself. That photo might be what your last rep should look like, but only if it doesn’t injure you.

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