Turn to Authentic Threads for Some Thintuition

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The ever wonderful Braidwood has written a couple of great entries about eating healthy and listening to your body when it comes to eating:

What impacted me the most when I saw this was hearing that, “The root of the problem is giving away your power.” ! What? That’s the root of the problem? … Hey, that is the root of the problem!

I said that phrase to myself a few times and then turned it around. If that’s the root of the problem, then: The root of the solution is accepting my power.

She recommended this video:

I understand the feeling of not wanting to diet again. Somehow, Weight Watchers works for me because communicating with my body was really hard at first. Weight Watchers gave me a good idea of what to eat to stay healthy. Eventually, I’ll develop enough Thintuition to eat healthy without guidelines, but for now, I WANT to follow a program that helps me make healthier choices.


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