Ask Laura: If You Keep Eating Your Same Points, Won’t You Just Keep Losing?

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Mindy asked the following question on this entry:

My question is this. Once you lose all the weight you want or need to lose….do you stay on the points system? I mean if you keep eating in your points wont you just keep losing?



You’re right, if you continued to eat the same amount of points that you did while you were losing, you would keep losing weight. Once you get to goal, you need to adjust your points so that you’re not losing anymore, but not gaining as well. This is a highly individualized thing, so you really have to play with it for several weeks to get the correct number of points to maintain.

That’s why going to Weight Watchers is so helpful. Every week, you meet with the person at the scale and they help you through the maintenance as well as the losing. Since so many people quit Weight Watchers before they even get to goal, they don’t get that added support.

Great question, Mindy! Thanks for asking!


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