The Fit Flop: How About Just Flop?

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Fit Flops: Do They Really Tone Your Legs?They claim to be able to tone your thighs, calves and glutes. How could a shoe do that?

Here is their explanation:

Every step you take in the FitFlop helps tone and trim your legs. The FitFlop’s uniquely built multi-density midsole activates muscles midstep to help tone your thighs, your calves and your glutes. In fact, FitFlops are biomechanically engineered to absorb shock, lessen joint strain, and recreate the gait of barefoot walking – but with a powerful new built-in micro-wobbleboard workout-enhancing effect.

Since they are sold in Great Britain, they’re not under the strict advertising laws of the FCC. I don’t know what kind of false advertising laws Great Britain has, but I want to see proof before I’ll buy them. I want to see tests from REAL universities. Nothing on their website gives me any inkling that these have been tested. Their FAQ just tells me how to buy them.

Plus, I have enough time balancing and tripping. I don’t need a micro-wobbleboard under my feet at all times.

Via: Popgadget Personal Technology for Women: Fit Flops: gym in a sandal?


9 Responses to “The Fit Flop: How About Just Flop?”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I am wearing FitFlops as I read this. A family member purchased them for me to try out (I’m considered their expert as I have been a personal trainer for some time). I have to say, I can feel that they do work some of the leg muscles. However, they are difficult to walk in initially. I had to walk around the house and yard a few times before I braved wearing them out. (Note: you can tell there is a wobble board in them…they almost feel like thick flip-flops.) Now that I am used to walking in them, they are SUPER comfortable – no doubt about that – but tough to say whether or not they are actually working the muscle groups claimed in the advertising. I agree – some university studies would be nice and some medical opinions about such products is important.

    So, I don’t think they are a miracle but not a total rip off either….if you are just looking for a great, comfortable pair of flops to walk around in.


  2. iportion Says:

    They look like reg flip flops to me maybe people are just walking more in them hoping for a better workout

  3. Jeannie Says:

    Hi, I decided to give these a try. I did not heed the warning to wear them no longer then 15 the first time out. I wore them ALL day. Oh my did my legs pay for it for THREE days!!! Talk about PAIN. I am now more careful and people at church have been asking me if I have lost weight. I have NOT but wow I have lost inches. I for one am very pleased.

  4. Nicola Thomson Says:

    Hi – I have had the fitflops since they launched 6 weeks ago and I cannot take them off, they are superglued to my feet they are so comfortable. They do take a few weeks to get used to and following a weekend in Marrakesch on my feet all day I could really feel it in the backs of my legs. Try them, you won’t wear anything else!! Nicola

  5. Vanessa Burgess Says:

    I was also very sceptical about the fitflops but have worn them while walking to and from work (my office dress code doesn’t accommodate flip flops of any kind) and can also feel the difference. I do 4 pilates classes a week and am reasonably fit but can still feel the muscles in my legs working when I wear then. The soles are also very soft and even when standing for long periods of time, it feels like you are standing on a cushion. I would highly recommend them. Only wish they came in more neutral colours.

  6. Meg Says:

    I’m thinking about buying a pair of fitflops, but I’m unsure of what size to buy. The Bath and Body Works website suggests to go down a size, and they don’t come in half sizes. I usually wear a nine; should I go down to a eight?

  7. Diane Says:

    Like others, I was skeptical at first. I usually spend less than $5 on flip flops, so to pay close to $40, I was on a limb. I was able to get them about 6 weeks ago when they were first advertised through B&B. Used to be a fit person, but due to an injury have gotten out of shape. Have tried to drop weight for the past 3 years and after just one week of brisk walking (2-3 miles daily), and a change in diet, I finally lost 4lbs! Other fitness shoes are uncomfortable on my feet and I’ve never felt my legs getting a workout as I walk. I do laps indoors when it’s too warm or wet out and intend to use them year round… I would love to see more colors too and for the price to come back to where it origianlly was. I sent a pair to my daughter and she actually jogged in them and a called to ask if I was feeling it in my glutes… absolutely. I may be walking more, but it’s because I find them way more comfortable and I’m seeing results. I’ve recommended them to numerous people.

  8. Michelle Says:

    Summer is here ladies and flip-flops are the shoe of choice. They have hit the streets of London and they are now heading our way. These body benefiting sandals are called Fit Flops. Fit Flops help you tone up and slim down for the summer the easy way. These cushiony sandals allow you to workout your thighs, calves and glutes simply by walking.

    The UK is wearing them and now they are available here in the US. These sandals are the latest in fashion footwear and have been deemed the UK’s hottest new fitness shoe.

    The Fit Flop is the flip-flop of the summer. Every step you take gets you closer to those firm, toned legs you have always dreamed of. In just three days you can feel and see the effects of wearing these sandals.

    The Fit Flops unique sandal design utilizes energy zones in the foot that help to invigorate the body. These shoes are designed to absorb shock and minimize joint strain. Fit Flops are created with a multi-density midsole that enhances each workout.

    On average, a person takes around 2,000 steps per mile. These steps can become your daily fitness routine. Whether it’s wearing Fit Flops while shopping or at work, your lower body gets a vigorous workout with each step.

    Not only do these sandals beautify your physique, they also look marvelous on you feet.

  9. Laura Moncur Says:

    Has anyone else noticed how FAKE these testimonials sound? I wouldn’t believe any of these “glowing” reviews.


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