Tetris Weightlifting

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Tetris Weightlifting

You are looking at a computer hack that turns your favorite puzzle game, Tetris, into a weightlifting activity. It may look like PVC pipe and buckets right now, but this is a prototype for a new type of video game.

Tim Tucker, a computer design engineer with a Masters from Indiana University, created this apparatus to play Tetris and has released the information to build one yourself. Wondering how it works? He explains it here:

You pull one handle to move the block left or right and pull both of them to drop the block. There’s no explanation on how to rotate the block, but as far as weight-lifting ideas goes, it seems a lot more entertaining than just sitting there and lifting weights.

Exergaming is an idea that has been difficult to catch on with the big console companies like Playstation and Xbox. It appears that we are going to have to create this for ourselves in our basements and workshops. Good idea, Tim! Hat’s off to you!

Via: DDR and Video Games: Not Quite Enough?


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