Fat Chance: A Beauty Pageant For The Fabulous and Thick

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Mo'NiqueI hadn’t heard of Fat Chance until I found this review from Rudd’s Sound Bites. Mo’Nique is sponsoring a beauty pagent for fabulous and thick women. I think it’s absolutely wonderful!

Stephanie believes that the show is not quite comfortable in its skin, but it has moments that are inspiring:

“There is one contestant, the African-American security guard Tiffany Jones, who does not don a wig to cover her short blond cut. MoNique says she couldn’t allow Tiffany to cover up her own beauty, and Tiffany answers that she is thrilled not to have to hide her hair or tattoos to be beautiful.”

If you missed the show, you can see clips from it on Oxygen Network’s official website for the show:

For more information about Mo’Nique and her sassy attitude, see her official website:

Remember, loving yourself just the way you are is the first step toward living a healthy life. Shows like Fat Chance are a way to learn to love yourself and be able to commit to living a healthier and stronger life.


11 Responses to “Fat Chance: A Beauty Pageant For The Fabulous and Thick”

  1. iportion Says:

    I don’t get basic cable tv out of choice but I love the idea of this beauty pagent even though I lost the weight. I think beauty comes in all sizes.

  2. Meri Says:

    Oh wow, that’s an unfortunate tagline! In British English “thick” almostly exclusively means “stupid”.

  3. Katharine Dawson Says:

    When is your next beauty pagent going to be and how can my daughter apply?

  4. Katharine Dawson Says:

    How does one apply for your next pagent.

  5. sydnee Says:

    I love the pagenat but i cant find the forms to apply how can i?

  6. Renee Hill Says:

    I want to find out how to apply to a contestant on Monique fat chance. Please email me back to find out.

  7. darline joseph Says:

    every year people make new year’s resolution some thinthing’s that you are determined to do this year mines was to love my self an to be a winner in what ever it is in it is so hard cause i dont have self confident little bit about my self i am 26 years old i have 4 beautifull kids it is so hard to do any thing even to see the next day xstream depress dont even want to wake up most of the time my God and my kids is the reason for my life today

  8. Christina Barnes Says:

    Hi I am a mother of 3. I am a Nursing student, and I work as well. I was once small, but I am 5″7 and 183lbs. I dont cosider myself fat but thick you know, and to think about it I love my weight I would not change it. If you think about it men dont want the skinny girls any more, they are played out. Not bashing them at all cause I dont hate, we are beautiful women inside and out just floss yourself in a sexy and saficated way. I mean in dressing and hair and your sense of style, we do have stlye too thats the main key look good and love yourself no matter what size you are. I love Monique and her role on us because she sure have enbrassed me throughout life. Thank you and I hope I can meet you one day.

  9. Sharon Evans Says:

    I would like to audition for your show. Can you please send the info. that i need in order to do that. Thanks, sHARON eVANS

  10. Amberley Williams Says:

    I would like to know the age limit in which you can apply and how to apply becuse there is no form on here and it do not explain to you how to go about doing it.

  11. Tanisha Ferran Says:

    I have been a big gurl most of my life . i was born in 1972 a miracle baby at the time wieghing just 2 lbs and 3 ounces at birth . i wasnt always like myself until 4 years ago i was told lose weight or die . i decided to live so the last 4 yrs. i worked hard to lose the weight and now i am 90 pounds less , i was 325 lbs. i have a ways to go but im still going . i never knew how beauttiful i could be as a plus size woman and i love to dress up i love to be flirty …i love me . ALL OF ME

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