2007 Tour De France to start in London

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Tour de France 2006: July 1-23Am I the only person that finds it strange that the Tour de France is starting in London?

Of course, that’s in 2007. We have have this year’s Tour de France to look forward to in July.

Magnificent 7 (2005 Tour de France 12-Hour DVD; 6 pc.)When I started exercising on my indoor bike trainer, I got the videos for the 2005 Tour de France. It was such an inspiring thing to watch and I very quickly got pulled into watching for my favorite players.

I borrowed these DVDs from Netflix, but you can just as easily purchase the set from Amazon or check them out at your local library. When they show one rider overtaking another, I almost feel like I’m in the race and instinctively pedal faster. My heart rate easily gets into the high range just by watching these DVDs while I exercise.

I am looking forward to watching the live coverage of the Tour de France this summer, especially since this year, the yellow jersey is up for grabs. I’m cheering for Zabriski!


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