Low Carb Backlash

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After the last few years of Low Carb Everything, the pendulum has swung the other way. I tried the Atkins diet and it left me listless and grumpy. I was promised weight loss without hunger. I got low energy and nominal weight loss. I lost five pounds and then the scale stuck at 230. After that, I was pretty bitter. Low Carb hit the market like a tsunami and I was the first to ridicule it.

This entry from Diet Blog gives an unbiased view of the Low Carb phenomenon and tells us what good came out of all that hype:

In the end, we learned that “Fat is not evil. We eat too many refined carbs. Whole food is best.” I wouldn’t say that the Low Carb phenomena taught me these things. It took me years of experimenting with various foods and checking my hunger levels against what I ate to learn this. The funny thing is that I came to the same conclusion independently.

It feels like we are in a lull right now. The Low Carb fad is over and the new head of the beast hasn’t grown back yet. I’m wondering if the next fad will be “Whole Foods.” I wonder how the food industry will spin their products to fall into that category.


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  1. Kent Says:

    Are we really all the same? I am totally low carb and have great energy, sleep 6-7 hours rather than 8-10, my lipids are great and diabetes totally under control. so.. are we both lying? when is the medical community going to figure out we have different bodies and metobilisms (is that a word?) metabola? anyhow. we are not the same…

  2. John Says:

    I tried low carbs and had great success. Lost lots of weight and felt great. Choleterol was in check too.

    I cannot say the same for low fat.

    But I had the same problem that you read about in these blogs – when you hit your goal what do you do? I gained it all back after using any of several diets.

    With Atkins I went to my favorite steak place and finally had some of the warm bread that they put in front of me. Carbs crept in little by little and I gained weight.

    Substitute fat grams for carbs and you have the reason I lost ground on the low fat diet.

    Plain and simple, diets that require that I eat in a style that does not make sense to my palate are abandoned at some point in time.

    I also had to realize that I eat too much. I calculated the calories in what I eat – no wonder I weigh so much! I don’t eat that much as compared to folks I know, but I have been eating too much.

    Now I plan my day and how many calories/fat/fiber I am consuming. The weight is coming off and I get bread and cookies once in a while!

  3. allanone Says:

    Reached my goal weight, improved my cholesterol, have more energy, all because of low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet.

    Unlike all the other types of nutrients, you will never find a minimum daily requirement for carbohydrates. The shocking fact is: you don’t need ANY! Absolutely ALL the carbohydrates your body needs can be derived by your body from digested fats and proteins — the body is an amazing molecular assembly factory. I’d like the carbohydrate promoters to put THAT in their collective pipe and smoke it.

  4. Cheryl Riddle Says:

    I actually agree with the one who wrote the article. Fit me to a T. I thought some great points were made. I have also noticed that the low carb crowd seems “often times” to be generally grumpier. As is obvious here.

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