Calorie Burning Tea

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Rumor around town says that Coca-Cola and Nestle are creating a “calorie burning tea.” There is supposition about flavors, but very little talk about efficacy in the following Hungry Girl article.

I am so wary of everything that I read from Hungry Girl. I somehow feel that they are just an advertising outlet for the food industry. Here’s the reason why: the article about calorie burning tea looks like it’s quoted word for word from the information from this article:

This article goes into depth about marketing gimmicks and whether the tea could possibly be effective, whereas Hungry Girl just froths about a tea that can boost your metabolism. Hungry Girl didn’t even touch on the best quote from the entire article:

“Consumers need to be aware of anything that says easy weight loss, anything that promotes a quick fix,” said Jessica Enders, a registered dietician at Emory University Hospital.

Remember, there are lots of companies out there trying to take your money. Don’t let them get you.


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