Lower Body Exercises with the Stability Ball

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If you got a Stability Ball for Christmas, you are problably bored with the video that came with it by now. If you didn’t get a video with your new exercise toy, then you might have even blown up the ball and just bounced it around the room after doing a few crunches.

One-Legged Hamstring RollThis set of exercises gives you a bunch of fun new moves to try with your Stability Ball. My favorite, the One-Legged Hamstring Roll, is pictured here. Maya on Yourself! Fitness made me do that once and I had no idea how effective it was until the next day when I could barely walk. I do Leg Curls at the gym with as much weight as I can do and I it won’t have that kind of effect on my hamstrings.

Enjoy this lower body workout!


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